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Facebook suspends 200 apps on suspicion of accessing user data | Social networks

The audit was one of the measures announced by the social network in response to the public about the leak of confidential information to companies. The objective is to discover and eliminate third-party apps that abuse user data in an abusive manner, contrary to Facebook policies.

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Facebook: tips to prevent onlookers from looking at your information

Facebook: tips to prevent onlookers from looking at your information

The Facebook investigation process has two phases. The first is a general review to identify apps that store large amounts of data. The other is a more in-depth analysis with the developers of these apps, including interviews and even local inspections.

The targets of the action are apps that had access to a large amount of data before the platform policy change made in 2014. It was from that year that Facebook made it clear that sharing information from third parties without consent violates the terms of network usage.

Users themselves can also assist in the process of reporting these inappropriate applications. In April, the social network launched a rewards program to identify apps that misuse data. The Data Abuse Bounty offers a payment of at least R $ 1,700 to anyone who makes a complaint that is confirmed.

As with the Cambridge Analytica case, users affected by the use of a banned app will also be notified. The "Your Info" section of the Facebook website ( allows you to check whether you or your friends have installed an application that misused the data before 2015.