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Facebook announced on its official blog that it will start, on Monday (26), prioritizing the display of local news in the feed of users around the world. With the update, the social network intends to offer greater visibility to vehicles in the region where the person is located or in locations in which he is interested. "Local news helps people connect with their communities about the problems closest to home," explains Facebook's head of news products, Alex Hardiman, and head of news partnerships, Campbell Brown.

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Facebook starts to prioritize local news to users in the feed Foto: Melissa Cruz / dnetc

Facebook starts to prioritize local news to users in the feed Foto: Melissa Cruz / dnetc

According to the publication, the same vehicle can be considered local in different regions. This will be taken into account if there is a greater probability that a domain will be accessed more by inhabitants of a certain area than of others, even if it is from another location. The aim of expanding the scope would be to allow people to connect with the news sources in the locations in which they are interested.

Also according to Hardman and Brown, the platform prioritizes quality information, from reliable, informative and relevant sources to regional communities. They also recall that this year the social network is focused on combating false news. In late 2017, the site changed the way to report and flag fake news to make it more effective and informative. Another measure taken was to start prioritizing publications of a personal nature, made by friends and family, over those of a commercial nature.

The change in the algorithm had already been announced in January and, until then, had only been implemented in the United States. At the time, Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg commented on his profile about the novelty, which would aim to ensure that the network was not only used for leisure, but also as a way of bringing benefits to society. Research suggests that reading local news is directly related to cvic engagement. People who know what happens around you are more likely to get involved and help make a difference, said CEO in Nicio the year.