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Facebook issued a statement on Thursday (24) about the display of a personalized alert to all users in the news feed. The objective is to explain in more detail the new privacy policy of the platform and teach how to protect personal information efficiently, using different available resources. The novelty will start to be seen from next week, according to the social network.

The announcement was made by Erin Egan, vice president of Privacy at Facebook, through the company's official blog. He claims that the alert is very similar to that used in Europe with the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This standard requires all European Internet companies, including social networks based in other continents, to invest in web security and the protection of personal data.

How to customize the Facebook news feed

Facebook warns of privacy settings Photo: Facebook / DivulgaoFacebook warns of privacy settings Photo: Facebook / Divulgao

Facebook warns of privacy settings Photo: Facebook / Divulgao

Privacy alert data

The notices released to users starting next week should explain and summarize Facebook's new privacy and security policies. The messages will be personalized because, if determined to have already been made or some feature disabled, it will no longer appear in the message. The social network wants to reinforce the methods of control and protection of information, made available to each person.

Among the topics to be shown in the Facebook alert are:

  • How the network uses partner data to show more relevant advertising;
  • Political, religious and relationship information that each user included in their profile;
  • How to use the facial recognition feature to access your personal Facebook account;
  • Updates to the terms of service and data policy that Facebook has put in place since April 2018.

Even before receiving the report, users can already make changes to their profile to strengthen the security of personal data. To do this, just go to "Settings" or "Privacy Shortcuts" and change what you think is necessary.

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Facebook: tips to prevent onlookers from looking at your information

Facebook: tips to prevent onlookers from looking at your information

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