Facebook releases feature to track usage time; Google Assistant gains integration with Siri

A few months later than expected, the Facebook Finally released its tool that displays the user's browsing time in the app. In addition, Mark Zuckerberg's company is redesigning the appearance of profiles in Instagram. O Google, in turn, updated your assistant's app to improve compatibility with iOS. Let's take a closer look at this news?


Announced last August, the feature Your Time on Facebook arrived shortly after the expected. The tool is similar to that added to Instagram last week and helps users set a browsing timeout.

New Facebook app feature to manage your time

The feature can be accessed from the app's settings under the "Settings and privacy" option. Basically, the tool displays the average time spent per day in the app, plus a graph that indicates how your usage has varied over the past seven days. Nevertheless, the company does not detail exactly which activities are included (stories, messages or just the feed browsing from a computer does not enter this account).

In addition, you can set notifications to alert you when you reach the pre-set usage time in the app. Facebook has also improved page access to unfollow friends and pages, so you can also reduce the size (and time spent) in feed of news.

As we commented, Facebook's tool, however, is not as effective as iOS's Time of Use feature. While the social network has supported notifications when the timeout has elapsed, there is no way to block application usage, making it easier to ignore the alerts you set.

Facebook app icon

Google Assistant

Google Siri Assistant Integration

Google has updated its iOS Assistant app to support Google Siri Shortcuts allowing users to invoke it from Apple's virtual assistant (both practical and comic).

That way, when updating or installing the Google app, users can now set the "Add Siri" option to record a specific message that calls the assistant after saying "Hey Siri," obviously. In addition to initializing, the feature also supports other phrases and actions that can be performed by the Google Assistant.

Previously, it was already possible to add the Google app to widgets from iOS, to access it faster. To further integrate service with your device, update the Google Assistant app to the latest version.

Google Assistant app icon


In addition to the news from Instagram released last week, Facebook has announced some changes in profile design so users can “better express themselves and connect more easily with the people you like on your profile.”

New Instagram Design

Although the final design may not look exactly like the one above, it is likely that the new profile interface will be tabbed, with new tabs for displaying images, including buttons for accessing IGTV videos and stores.

Unlike the current version, the new interface can further highlight the name and bio users by positioning the profile image to the upper right side. The company said it is working on these changes and that they will be tested at different stages in the coming weeks, meaning users will notice some changes until the new look is officially released.

Instagram app icon

via TechCrunch, 9to5Mac, The Verge