Facebook now monitors everything you do on the internet thanks to new privacy policy

Facebook now monitors everything you do on the internet thanks to new privacy policy

The team of Facebook It does not seem concerned about the privacy of users. From now on, the social network can gather data from all your activities by analyzing your access data, that is, any website opened by you will be counted as proprietary information of the social network. This way, knowing what you've been clicking on, Facebook will make more money from personalized ads.

Facebook Privacy Android Data
Facebook privacy does not exist by default. / Facebook / AndroidPIT

The lack of privacy on Facebook is selected by default, ie instead of the service offering the option to decide whether users want to have access data tracked according to the number of pages they access on the internet, the option comes selected by default as "accepted". Bizarre, right?

According to the website Crave Online, to prevent the social network from selling your behavior on the internet by then, you need to contact the Digital Advertising Alliance in the US, or the equivalent in Brazil (probably the CONAR – National Council of Self-Regulatory Advertising), which will individually prevent advertisements shown on Facebook from tracking your internet behavior and tracing your consumer profile. Another suggestion is to access the service settings using your mobile device to prevent Facebook from following your steps on your smartphone.

facebook third party ads
Accessing the settings, in advertisements, you find the privacy options you need, except for ads based on the use of websites or applications outside of Facebook. / ANDROIDPIT

In conclusion, the team led by Mark Zuckerberg seems to be oblivious to this concern and further point out that service users really care about receiving ads focusing on their behavior rather than honest and random advertisements:

When we ask people about our ads, one of the main things that tells us that they want to see ads that are most relevant to their interests.

Experts believe that even though Facebook will offer the user this choice, there is still no certainty that the social network will actually stop tracking their every move. It's worth remembering that while Facebook's privacy rules are larger than the United States Constitution itself (unchanged), it's still worth a read to know what kind of information you are providing to the service. And remember, when the free product, usually the product you!

And, do you mind that Facebook brings an option that can reflect directly on your selected privacy as accepted by default? Why? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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