Facebook now allows the press to make their news as urgent

Facebook now allows the press to make their news as urgent

Facebook, after announcing that it will begin testing the audio posts in the news feed, communicated the tests in a way to signal which stories are "urgent" for some communication vehicles.

The novelty, until then, is restricted to the United States, however, starting this week, the test will be expanded to more than fifty countries. If the appeal is approved, Facebook should include more press vehicles.

The urgent news stamp can be inserted into Instant Articule, in links to reports and content from Facebook Live. It can be used once a day, defined by the time the story will be scheduled, with a maximum of six hours. In addition, there are five stamps per month.

Feature to be expanded to more countries.Feature to be expanded to more countries.

If users do not consider the news as urgent, they can provide feedback. To do this, just click on the right menu of the publication.

The first tests gave positive results, according to a survey conducted by Facebook itself regarding the data collected between December 8 and January 14. Check out:

  • 4% increase in clickthrough rate
  • 7% increase in Likes
  • 4% increase in Comments
  • 11% increase in Shares

"We are pleased to collaborate with Facebook to highlight urgent news on the platform and we are excited – but not surprised – to see readers respond the way they have done. Delivering accurate information quickly has always been central to our mission. world with an excessive amount of information, we want our readers to be able to easily identify when there is relevant news that has just happened, "said The Washington Post Product Manager.

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