Facebook Messenger gets new look; Pixelmator Pro, Telegram and Netflix are updated

Recently, the Facebook Messenger has gained a new look that is gradually being released to all users. In addition, other services have also gained interesting news in their latest updates, such as the Pixelmator Pro, O Telegram Messenger and the app Netflix, as we will see below.


Messenger app icon

After more than two months of (a slow) distribution, Facebook has officially launched, in recent days, its new messenger design for all users of the social network. The change was announced last May during the company's developer conference (F8) and began to be distributed in October, as we reported.

The new look more clean aims to highlight the main function of the app (the messages). As a result, Facebook reduced the number of app tabs to just three (“Chats”, “People”, “Discover”) and “unpolluted” viewing of games and other services, which are displayed from a button. in the chats. In addition, the company retained the functionality of conversations and stories existing.

For iOS users, the new design is available in version 198.0. The bad news is that the app interface is not yet adapted for the XS Max and XR iPhones, which is inexplicable.

Pixelmator Pro

Pixelmator Pro app icon

Version 1.3 “Prism” of the popular photo and authoring editor for the Mac has recently arrived adding a number of new features and enhancements to the app. In this verse, Pixelmator Pro introduced tags layer colors, filters, layer search, clipping mask support, and opacity controls, all of which can be accessed faster with just one click on the layer sidebar or from the Format menu.

More precisely, the option of tags The color coding resembles a feature in MacOS Finder. With it, you can mark layers in your document from different colors; these tags They are also displayed in Photoshop if you save the Pixelmator Pro project in PSD format, helping you to organize your projects in any of these software.

Previously, to change a layer's blending mode or opacity, you had to select it using the sidebar, then go to the tools and select the "Style" menu. Now this adjustment has been moved to the bottom of the layer list from a button (merge) and a slider (opacity) always visible and handy.


Telegram Messenger app icon

The not so popular but beloved Russian messenger did not stay behind in the updates and released several news recently. Among these, group administrators can now restrict the type of content that may or may not be published by their members and may even restrict them from sending messages completely.

Speaking of groups, previously the limit of participants was 100 thousand users; Telegram has now doubled this capacity and it is possible to add up to 200,000 people to the same group. Because managing so many people shouldn't be easy, the company has simplified group interfaces, including the settings screen, admin panels, and member lists.

Retrieve Messages on Telegram

While the possibility of deleting messages is optimal, there should also be those who wish they could recover erroneously deleted conversations. Telegram has considered this, and it is now possible to restore an entire conversation within five seconds after it has been deleted from the "Undo" option.

Other minor news features include the option to sort your contacts by name or “last seen” and previews of lighter images, GIFs and videos so that the media content loads faster.

On the desktop, version 1.5.8 introduced automatic file downloading and selection of call audio input / output devices; In addition, administrators have also been given the option to manage the type of content allowed in the group and users will generally be able to select the look of the emoji (Mac, Android, Twemoji and EmojiOne) from their computer.


Netflix app icon

Netflix customers who love Instagram, this news goes to you: the giant of streaming has launched a new option that allows users to share the art of spreading a series or a movie in Stories from Instagram. This goes for both Netflix original content and third party content, as the Variety.

Share Netflix Series on Instagram Stories

We are always looking for ways to make it easier for members to share the Netflix titles they are obsessed with and help them discover something new to watch. We hope our members enjoy this new feature!

By sharing Netflix disclosure content on Stories users viewing the post can access the movie or series on the streaming to check out the recommendations. This option joins that already available to share Netflix content on Twitter, Messenger, among others.

For now, Instagram integration is only available on Netflix for iOS, but the company said Variety who are working to add the same support for the Android app soon.