Facebook Messenger gains group payment function

Facebook Messenger has been optimizing the user experience with an endless addition of new features. Which for some means more options, for others uncharacterization. Update: Messenger payment system has been upgraded and now allows users to share certain value between groups. Details are just below in the "update to version" topic.

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Facebook Messenger – updated to version

Group Payment: Messenger's internal payment system had been available in the United States since early 2015, and has now gained extra functionality. In addition to the user having the option of sending an individual value to another contact, it will now be possible to split an amount among the members of a group.

Unfortunately, the extra feature only comes to the North American market, and we still have no information on when it will be available in other locations. If your account is US, go to the Messenger payments menu and follow the steps to split the amount chosen for the selected group.

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Facebook Messenger – Current Verse

Messenger launch and reactions for Messenger: In a post on its official blog, Facebook reported the addition of three features to Messenger, so far known in the social network. From the next update, we will have Menes and Reactions.

  • Menes: This function, honestly, took a long time to reach Messenger. In WhatsApp, when you want to get someone's attention in the group conversation, or simply answer a question that gets lost in several sentences, you can use the "@" and mention the contact in the conversation. The person, in turn, will be advised of the marking of his name.
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Messenger / Facebook Menus and Reactions
  • Reactions: released as an alternative to the "no button", the reactions now reach Facebook Messenger. Thus, Facebook intends to decrease the response time in conversations between users.

Both functions have already begun to be released and will be available on a global scale for all users.

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How to have the latest version of Facebook Messenger

To have the latest version of Facebook Messenger on your Android smartphone there are two options. The first one is to wait for the app update through the Play Store; the other signing up for Messenger beta testing program, which can be done through this link.

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Do you use Facebook Messenger?

The purpose of this article is to gather all information about Facebook Messenger updates in one place. Thus, updating and republishing this subject will become necessary over time.

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