Facebook Messenger App Permissions for Android – Keyboard and Digital Look are exaggerating!

Facebook Messenger with invasive permissions? Let us clarify this matter once and for all!

It was a long time ago, I did not write an article to create "public opinion" but after seeing so much hype running the 7 seas of the Internet and a little more I decided to write this that you are reading to clarify the controversial subject of the Messenger Messenger Privacy Hack.

Facebook Messender for Android

If you follow the top news sites in our country you should have read the "10 terms

Messenger Creepy Usage Tips ", published by two of the largest sites in the industry, Tecmundo and Digital Look, You can read both subjects in full by clicking on the links above.

In the end, all this policy was generated due to Facebook now forcing social network users to use App Messenger to use chat from Android Smartphone, along with two posts with sensational titles and bingo! You have millions of views and people without thinking a little about the case running to uninstall the App from the phone for fear of being spied on.

As far as I want to defend Facebook, far from it, after all it is very far from not actually being invasive. But I can assure you that this app has nothing much, or rather nothing worse than Facebook's license terms itself, when you access it from your browser sitting on your Computer.

Both TecMundo and Digital Look were hyped up in their posts, especially the second, Tecmundo simply listed the app permissions, alias, the "app permissions" and the "terms of use" as said, the terms you already accepted When you created your Facebook account, the digital look did worse and it was based on photos that were based on other sources and augmented the story, to close on a source that has no reference, the original source from which they took it all.


But that only came to the Digital Look after passing for this and by this site. Even though they were a bit hyped about the topic you may find and misunderstand why some of those functions in the Facebook Messenger app, so let's do something they didn't do, look at their permissions right on Google Play and let's go. explain why each item.

This app has access to:


  • find accounts on device
  • read own contact card

You probably use Facebook to log in to other sites thanks to this functionality such as linking a 4Shared account to your Facebook account, identifying your phone number, so you can identify yourself without having to enter your email address. , so you can log in to your account normally.

Contacts / Calendar

As we all know, Facebook has the ability to sync contacts and add contacts you have on your phone to Facebook, by crossing information from phone numbers and Facebook accounts you can assign a photo (usually the Facebook profile) to all your contacts. on the phone.


  • approximate location (network based)
  • precise location (GPS and network based)

For those who like to Check In this indispensable resource, thanks to it also that people can see where in the world you are writing.


  • edit your text messages (SMS or MMS)
  • receive text messages (SMS)
  • read your text messages (SMS or MMS)
  • send SMS messages
  • receive text messages (MMS)

You can use Facebook Messenger instead of your standard SMS Messaging App, thus keeping just one app for both.


  • call phone numbers directly
  • read call log

You can make calls from Facebook Messenger for free, so it works as an App Dialer, see more at Tecnoblog.

Photos / media / files

  • test protected storage access
  • change or delete USB storage content

The photos you upload to Facebook are stored in a special directory on your Android device, even temporarily, so it needs access to your smartphone storage.

Camera / Microphone

  • take pictures and record videos
  • record audio

The App has this feature of uploading and audio files that you can record on time, as well as you can take a photo and post on time also directly from the App.

Wi-Fi Connection Information

Nothing more natural than that since the App depends on the internet to work.

Call information and device code

  • read phone status and identity

This information is most useful for developers, after all it is always useful to know where, on which device and model your App is being used and where it is giving problems.


  • receive data from the Internet
  • download files without notification
  • run at startup
  • prevent device sleep mode
  • view network connections
  • install shortcuts
  • change your audio settings
  • read Google's service configuration
  • overlay other apps
  • full network access
  • read sync settings
  • control vibration
  • change network connectivity

– Receive data from the internet, nothing more natural for such an App.

– Do you think the App loads Facebook so fast why? Cache my friend, and he doesn't need to warn you that he's downloading cache, or does he?

– As soon as you activate your WiFi all notifications come to your screen, you can enable it or not but for that to work it needs this permission.

– Say you are uploading a video to Facebook, uploads of this type usually take a little longer, if your Smartphone goes idle because you are not messing with it and you lose the upload would not be cool.

– Shortcuts, this allows you to create his or contacts shortcuts in your launcher.

– The App also has audio notifications, access to your microphone so you can send messages for yourself, if it could not change the status of your microphone this function would not work.

– If you want to set Facebook Messenger as the main SMS application it will need to override the default application.

– Synchronization, important to know if it is enabled or not to synchronize contacts.

– Vibration control, when you are a message he can notify you this way too and not only with audio or visual notification.

– When you open the App and it says you have your connection turned off and asks you if you want to call and you confirm it is changing your network connection.

As you can see, even if you don't like the functions, everything has an explanation and I don't know exactly where, especially the Digital Look, got so silly.

It is a pity that the news and information a little unrealistic spread so fast because of the great public they have, I know that a very small fraction of these people will read this text I wrote but if it serves to open the eyes of some is already worth .

I admire their work, but because of the importance they have to evaluate the content a little better, especially because they live on it, it would be no harm not to pass on misinformation.

And if you really bothered with these requirements consider stopping using the App and even the social network.

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