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Facebook Messenger 4 arrives with new look for Android

A new version of Messenger for Android and iOS began to be released today by Facebook gradually. Several users already claim to have received the new version, which has a fresh, light and simpler look compared to the previous version. According to the company, the users feedback was decisive.

Mark Zuckerberg's company said 7 out of 10 users say they prioritize usability and simplicity in a messenger application. So the company then decided to modify Messenger's nine exaggerated navigation guides from the previous version by just three in this new version, making it a much more satisfying user experience.

With this change, the first tab will show all conversations, the second will be dedicated to contacts only. Finally, the third will group additional features of the app, such as games, business connections, and user-selected favorite channels. That is, the impression that everything was much more organized. However, long-awaited, long-erased outgoing messages and dark theme features are not yet available in this new version.

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Another point to gain new modification options is the customization of the chat window, which has gained new colors, new themes and the option to automatically change color as you browse the chat. Camera features, story posting, and other options that were already present have been enhanced making usability better.

And you already received the new version of Messenger on your smartphone?

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