Facebook Lite - What is it? How it works? Download and How to use

Facebook Lite – What is it? How it works? Download and How to use

Today, Facebook is the most popular social network on the planet with over 2.6 billion users. In Brazil, 127 million users access the platform monthly. While it meets people's whims, Facebook tends to be a heavy program for mobile devices.

Not only that, the battery is also greatly affected by usage. For this reason, the company developed Facebook Lite, especially with people who have less powerful mobile phones and live in emerging countries, such as Brazil itself.

Understand more what the Facebook Lite app is, what it is for, and how to use it!

What does Facebook Lite?

Facebook Lite2

Facebook Lite was created to be a lighter version of this famous social network, giving priority to lower battery, data and space consumption of your device. However, this version does not eliminate the user experience that Facebook offers.

The user still takes advantage of the platform, although some features found in the main application are not present.

Facebook Lite was launched in 2015, being available in Brazil only for the Android operating system. Already in other parts of the world, it can also be used on iOS system.

Check out some advantages of Facebook Lite:

  • It requires little internal space, also taking up less cache space,
  • It saves battery power because the app is simplified in design and has some features eliminated,
  • Ensures performance without affecting the device,
  • Takes up less storage space on the device,
  • Allows the use of instant messaging in the same space that accompanies the feed news, not requiring you to download a specific Messenger application even if it is a bit more basic than usual, it will well meet the need to send and reply,
  • Reduces the load on loading photos and videos at lower resolution,
  • Your startup is much faster than the traditional app,
  • It has option in Portuguese Language,
  • It works well even on 2G networks.

Note that in Facebook Lite it is not possible to perform all functions present in the full Facebook application features considered too heavy have been removed or are in limited operation.

Anyway, you have the option to:

  • Add and delete friendships,
  • Watch videos through Facebook Watch,
  • Share updates and photos,
  • Buy and sell products through the Facebook Marketplace,
  • Check friend posts,
  • Send and receive messages through Messenger,
  • Publish in groups and pages,
  • Post to your profile,
  • Receive notifications,
  • Use reactions in posts,
  • To view stories.

Therefore, Facebook Lite does not support live streams, neither the option of games nor the creation of multiple choice polls.

Download and how to use Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite

With these key features outlined, if you are interested in downloading Facebook Lite just go to the official app store of your Android device, search for the correct program name and download it.

The use of Facebook Lite is relatively simple, after all access requires the same credentials that you use on classic Facebook either from the computer or the old application you had on the device. Therefore, enter the login and password to access.

If you have 2-step verification, complete with the access code that is sent via SMS.

On the Facebook Lite home screen, you will see that the traditional tools are located at the top: feedof news, friend request, private messages and notifications, search option, plus access menu for application settings.

Change language, image quality, font size and other ideas through the settings. Using Facebook Lite allows pages to be liked, friend request sent, responses inbox, comments on posts and other features characteristic of this social network.

Similarly, you can post to your profile by uploading a photo, uploading one already present in your phone gallery, updating status, adding location and what you are doing, tagging friends and other features just like on Facebook normal.

The much simpler Facebook Lite interface and its performance flow even with a slower connection. You can access Facebook Lite over Wi-Fi without any problems too!