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Facebook launches web version of its Messenger [atualizado]

O Messenger Facebook, without a doubt, a beautiful communication tool. On the iPhone and other smartphones, we have an application created specifically for this; j on the Mac / PC, if someone wants to exchange messages with friends, they will necessarily have to log into and be impacted by feed news (which in most cases ends up being a big distraction).

As a result, Facebook today launched a web version of its communicator: on the web

This does not mean that the feature is no longer available on on the contrary: it is still there and the company has no plan to remove it from the social network. The idea is to make things easier for those who just want to exchange messages with their contacts.

The interface has become superb and should provide an even better messaging experience for users. And what a cool domain Facebook got, huh?

(via Re / code)

Update · 04/09/2015 s 11:00

It didn't take long for some developers (Rasmus Andersson and Josh Puckett, from Dropbox) to take this web interface and put it into a “native app” for OS X.

Messenger for OS X

The thing is far from perfect and features such as the possibility to upload images and to be notified with each new message (they are working on it) are still lacking. But the base is there, open to anyone who wants to contribute everything is available on GitHub.

To those interested, recently we also commented on Goofy, a good option for those looking for a native app for the Facebook messenger.

(via TechCrunch)