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Facebook launches tool to help you create video game tournaments with friends

Facebook is not just investing in helping medical and scientific teams working to eliminate COVID-19. This week, in addition to having developed a digital questionnaire to detect symptoms of the disease in the North American population, the social network also took the opportunity to launch Tournaments, a new mechanism for its gaming ecosystem.

Tournaments will help users to organize video game tournaments in various formats. The idea is to give players enough flexibility to create two-handed eliminations, by groups, etc.

Tournaments was created to streamline competitions in physical events, but the international press said that the quarantine impelled the company to advance its launch.

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It is possible to organize any type of tournament in this new tool, from the most casual to the professionals. It is important to underline that it is built within Facebook Gaming, where there are already several streamers in the medium making broadcasts daily. Tournaments can also be used by all of them, together with their followers, so the mechanism can serve to streamline a new form of interaction between creators and fans.

The functionality has already been launched, albeit in early access. Note that competing streaming platforms do not have similar mechanics.

According to Streamlabs, an analyst specializing in the livestreaming software segment, Facebook's gaming platform has been driving exponential growth in recent years. The number of hours watched tripled in 2019 and those broadcast doubled.