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Facebook launches Rooms, new app that allows the creation of chat rooms

Has a new Facebook application in the area Rooms, for now unavailable in the Brazilian App Store (as well as Paper).

Sorry, app not found.

Rooms rescues the idea of ??online chat rooms, even allowing you to ?be whoever you want? that is, to use any nickname, staying anonymous. It's true, because you don't even (surprisingly) need to use your Facebook account to use the app.

The application is very simple and offers a quick way for you to create a room with the subject you want, customize the look of it and then share it through a QR code. Users can speak by text, as well as share photos and / or videos.

It seems more like a cool idea / proposal, but it can quickly fall by the wayside. It is also only available for iPhones / iPods touch for now, which can make it difficult to spread at this early stage.

(via TechCrunch)