Facebook Launches New News Feed with Videos, Articles and Photos

Facebook for Android gets lots of news weekly, especially for those who are testing beta. This time, the bare beta update is coming to all devices that have the app installed. This is the new alternative feed for news, video, articles and images.

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Facebook is launching an alternate news feed, where the priority is to display news on articles, videos, links and images. The new section does not give preference to the personal posts of social network users. According to Facebook, the new add-on feed is automatically customized based on content that may be of interest to the user. In this chaos, you may be able to get out of the main feed's virtual bubble and discover new things.

The update that releases the new "Exploration Feed" at, which is available on Google Play. To access the feed through the browser go to: facebook/explore. In the app, select the side menu and search for the new feed represented by a rocket cone.

facebook feed explorer new aupdate
Facebook lana new feed from explorao / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Facebook – Recent Updates

The app has a new look with version 138, where comments, news and some elements of the interface get more prominence. In short: we will have larger icons, avatars, buttons and elements. According to the company, the change comes to make browsing the social network more attractive, ie, the update aims to optimize the experience of use by facilitating navigation and reading.

facebook new visual update
The look of Facebook now (before) and after the update (after) / Facebook
  • Facebook camera: After the new look, now the camera's turn to gain some improvements. Through it users will have new experiences with GIFs, color texts and live streams. The idea of ​​Facebook is to move Facebook Stories, a copy of Instagram Stories and Snapchat, which is little used on the network.
  • Live GIFs: It's worth remembering here that the live feature already exists, but now it will be incorporated into Facebook Stories. After posting the content, the user can share it on his or her timeline or Stories. To access the GIFs section, just swipe from left to right inside the Facebook camera.
  • Colorful texts: The colored texts are those that have a solid colored background and can be customized with phrases and emojis. All this, now within Facebook Stories.

How to download the latest version of Facebook

In addition to downloading from the Play Store (button below), users can sign up to receive previous versions of Facebook by signing up for the app's beta program. To sign up for the social network beta tester, simply go to the signup page at this link on the Google Play Store, sign in, click on "Become a beta tester". Wait a few minutes, download or upgrade your app.

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And, did you like the news from Facebook?

The purpose of this article is to gather all the information about Facebook updates in one place. Thus, updating and republishing this subject will become necessary over time.

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