Facebook launches its 'Trending Topics'

Facebook launches its 'Trending Topics'

After adding hashtags and the option to "follow" people, instead of adding, the Facebook seems to continue following the steps of Twitter. This time, Mark Zuckeberg's social network announced the introduction of a new feature. Just like Twitter's "Trending Topics", the news will show each user, alongside the news feed, which topics are most popular at the moment, according to the interest of each individual.

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Following Twitter? Facebook launches its 'Trending Topics' / Facebook

Just called "Trending"In addition to the list of the most commented topics of the moment, Facebook will display a brief description to let the user know what it is about and, if the topic is of interest, articles and publications associated with the topic will be available.

But how will the topics be customized? What will determine which subjects will appear in the "Trending" of each user is an algorithm created by Facebook that will ensure that only what is relevant appears, preventing subjects that are always popular on Facebook from repeatedly entering the selection.

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Area that shows popular topics get right from the site. / Facebook

This new feature may bring some benefits to Facebook. In addition to ensuring that users spend more time on the social network, we may soon have something like Promoted Treding Topics on Twitter, which opens a new channel for advertisers. As Trending, Facebook can be strengthened as a means for people to stay informed.

The new section will be implemented in the coming days in the United States, United Kingdom, India, and Australia. There is still no forecast for the release of the novelty in Brazil.

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