Facebook launches Hobbi, competitor app from Pinterest

Hobbi is Facebook's experimental tool for documenting hobbies and personal projects

By surprise, the Facebook launched yet another app. Baptized Hobbi, Mark Zuckerbergā€™s new experimental platform arrives to compete directly with the Pinterest. The application was developed by the team of experimental projects from Facebook, also known as the NPE Team.

The application was created to encourage users to document their personal projects and hobbies. The tool allows you to organize your projects into thematic collections. For example, it is possible to create several thematic collections such as photos of recipes, decoration, food, crafts and much more. That is, nothing very different from the famous Pinterest.

Hobbi app imagesNew social network ā€œHobbiā€ is available in only four countries: Colombia, Belgium, Spain and Ukraine

Quickly, a spokesman for the Pinterest said, in an interview with the North American channel CNBC, that the photo sharing company does not feel threatened by the possible global launch of the Hobbi. He also criticized the proposal for the new social network Facebook.

ā€œAt first glance, Hobbi appears to be a photo-saving app that lacks the ability to discover, research and recommend Pinterest. As described in the App Store, it aims to help you document and remember the things you do, which are about the past, while Pinterest to discover inspiring ideas and actions for the future.

Said a CNBC Pinterest spokesman.

After the mysterious launch of Zuckerberg's tool yesterday (02/13), the shares of Pinterest 4%, CNBC revealed. Soon after, there was a slight recovery.

Although the Hobbi being called a social network by the international press, the application does not contain social media components such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter itself. Basically, it was created for you to organize your hobbies and ideas. The video highlight roll is the only social field, in which it allows sharing on other platforms.

Hobbi's availability

Hobbi app interfaceOrganize your photos into visual collections and see the progress youā€™re making over time, says the description of the new app

There are still no details of when the Hobbi be officially launched. For now, it is available in only four countries: Colombia, Belgium, Spain and Ukraine.

The sudden appearance of the platform does not mean that the Facebook to be able to launch it globally. The company lives creating tools, putting them on the air and then gives up on the project. The company itself explains that the tools designed by the NPE team change very quickly and can be shut down if it is identified that they are not useful. Therefore, we will have to wait to see if Hobbi arrives or not to other countries.

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