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Facebook is working with Ray-Ban on developing its smart glasses

O Facebook are working to build their own augmented reality glasses, codenamed Orion, in partnership with brands such as Ray-ban. The ultimate goal of the company to make them the smartphone replacements as we know it today.

CNBC has revealed that Facebook is working with the brand Luxottica, who is responsible for the manufacture of Ray-ban. Another post on The Information states that Ray-Ban is also registering a new product under the code name 'Stella'that promises to be smart and on' Orion '. They may be two different or complementary proposals.


New edition of smart glasses even brings USB-C connector and more powerful

The proposal recalls what has already been demonstrated with Google Glass. Just like Google's proposal, they can also answer calls without being tied to a smartphoneIn addition you will be able to display the information on a small screen. Also be possible record videos and stream them directly on social networks.

The goal that the device be ready for the market between the years 2023 and 2025. Although it seems far away, the gadget is on the company's number one priority list. Mark zuckerberg. No further details on how the company intends to put the other smartphone functions in the glasses have yet been released.

Facebook had already pronounced in late 2018 that it was working on a smart glasses. Details of the development of the gadget are not yet known, but according to information it intends to advance in augmented reality (AR) and perform the same functions as a gadget. smartphone, making the mobile device expendable.

Other companies are also working on their own smart glasses option. Some of them are: Apple, Bose, Google, Huawei, Microsoft, among others. Each one fulfills functions and has different proposals and many of them are already available in the market. You can click on each of the brands mentioned to see what their features are.

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