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Facebook introduces new functionality

Facebook today presented yet another feature for its website, which inserts in the same logic of encouraging the sharing of information and “tracing” the situations experienced by users in real life to the virtual scenario.

The new launch, announced yesterday in a message on the official blog, works as a kind of history of interactions between friends on the social network, which are compiled and made available on the website.

Exchange of comments, publications on the murals, events for which both were invited or photographs where they were identified are data that can be included in the history, but only those that, in one way or another, would have been cataloged as public by the user.

In a simplistic approach to help explain the concept, we could compare what Google News does with Living Stories, but with the “virtual” relationships between Facebook members.

Friendship Pages can be created for interactions between the user and a contact, between two members who are part of your contact list, something that is described with a somewhat voyeuristic enthusiasm in the presentation message.

The person responsible for post says that one of his favorite moments when using Facebook is to find, in the News Feed, photographs of mutual friends who started dating, got engaged or got married. The novelty has yet to be commented on by privacy organizations.

According to the official, the novelty began to be developed “a few months ago” and gave rise to a prototype that has been tested among employees and acquaintances. It started to be available yesterday, but will not be accessible to all members of the social network for now. TeK experimented, but it was not yet possible to test the new tool. The aspect can, however, already be verified through the capture provided by Facebook, which we reproduce below.

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