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Facebook: How to save your data, delete or deactivate your account

Deleting your Facebook can appear to be long and time consuming; however, just a few steps are enough to leave the social network forever. The process requires some care, and it is important to be sure about the desire to delete the profile, as no data is saved.

Make sure that before deleting your account, you have alerted your contacts and provided another possibility of communication. Post or send a message to important people with their phone number, email or other preferred medium.

You should also perform the process of saving photos and data, for example. Fortunately this is also not difficult and can be done in just a few steps. You should use the settings menu for all the following steps.

To save your Facebook data before deleting your account, go to the settings and select the "Your Facebook information" option.

After that, in the "Download your information" section, click "View".

Then choose which file type you want to receive a copy of your profile in and what content you want to save.

Facebook doesn't want you to delete your profile, of course, so the option can be a little hard to find in the setup menus. The social network takes 90 days to completely delete your profile, but after pressing the button you will not be able to retrieve it.

To reach the exclusion page, go to the "Your Facebook information" area. Next, go to the "Disabling and Deleting" section and choose whether you only want to disable or actually delete your account.

Select "Delete account permanently", if applicable, and confirm.

Finally, just click "Delete Account".

If you change your mind and just decide to deactivate the account, the network will ask you about the reasons for it and give you alternatives that don't involve you. If you are determined, just ignore the suggestions.

Excluded Alternatives

On the other hand, if you're not 100% determined, there are many alternatives to limiting people's access to your profile, filtering the content you receive, and making it more discrete to use on the network.

Unfollowing people and pages, restricting the public by posting content, limiting network usage time, removing photo tagging, and limiting access to old posts are just a few of the possibilities.

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