Facebook “gets inspired” by Zoom and creates a conference room for 50 users

Facebook “gets inspired” by Zoom and creates a conference room for 50 users

Due to the isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic, teleworking and home teaching forced the adoption of teleconferencing tools such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Facebook also plans to offer similar functionality soon and unveiled Messenger Rooms, which, like the other tools, supports video chat rooms for 50 users, without any time limit. If it goes as planned, Mark Zuckerberg's company will have Rooms ready to be launched this week in some countries and the rest of the world in the next, he says on his blog.

The feature will allow you to create a conference room from Messenger or Facebook, inviting anyone to attend the call, even if they do not have an account on the social network. Users can then promote these rooms through their News Feed, in Groups or Events. The same functionality will then be replicated to the rest of the company's applications, such as Instagram Direct, WhastApp and Portal.

Facebook says that it will not be necessary to download any additional applications, being possible to access the rooms of smartphones or directly from the computer. In the case of the Messenger application, users can also add the effects of AR and participate in masks of whatever they want, as well as add backgrounds or different lighting.

As far as moderation is concerned, when creating a room, you can define who sees you and who can join. If necessary, you can remove users or lock the room for anyone else to participate, among other tools focused on the privacy and security of the stakeholders.

According to the company, the social network remains committed to connecting people, stating that the video helps to fill the gap in distance. In the future, with the development of augmented and virtual reality technology, this distance will be smaller, due to its greater immersion.