Facebook fell? Find out if the social network is down or in trouble

Know some tools that can help you check if Facebook has crashed or has some instability that makes access difficult

Most likely you have already researched Google something like"Facebook fell?" at any moment. Turns and moves, the social network suffers from bugs that prevent user access. When this happens, the question remains whether the problem is in the social network app, in browsers, on the internet or simply in something internal to the app itself Facebook.

It is quite simple to discover what the problem is. In addition to the traditional Twitter there are other ways to check if the Facebook fell or not. One of them does a quick research on the Google. Generally, when the Facebook falls, many news portals end up publishing about the bug.

Still, there are other advanced tools that can help you at times like this. Check it out below.


Downdetector main screen Downdetector one of the main platforms to check if Facebook has fallen

O Downdetector a complete tool that allows to analyze if the Facebook fell, among other problems. Most interestingly, it informs the status of several other networks, such as Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Gmail, Netflix, Spotify, LinkedIn. Here's how it works:

Step 1: when opening the website Downdetector, look on the main page for the Facebook or type "Facebook" in the search bar;

Step 2: on the page that appears, you will be able to see if there are any problems reported in the last 24 hours. Based on reports from the users themselves, the Downdetector generates a graph with the numbers and times of instability. It is also possible to see what the main problems are.

Downdetector page, where you can see if Facebook has gone downDowndetector website page

Much of the reported errors are in “general failure” (55%). In such cases, the Facebook completely stops working. At the bottom of the page, there are recent comments from some users, which can help you identify the error.

Access the Downdetector to check if Facebook went down.


Twitter page to search if Facebook went downSee if Facebook fell on the Twitter search bar

As stated earlier, the Twitter one of the main thermometers to see if there are faults in the Facebook. And ascertaining this is very easy:

Step 1: when accessing the Twitter, go to the search bar;

Step 2: enter terms such as: Facebook fell, Facebook is not working, Facebook with problems and Facebook bug. Finally, just read the tweets from other users reporting the possible problem.

Google Trends home pageGoogle Trends can be used to see if Facebook has gone down

O Google Trends a platform from Google which presents the most searched terms in the search engine and subjects that are high on the internet. When you realize that Facebook fell, just access the Trends and write: Facebook fell, Facebook problem, bug on Facebook, or related terms.

Do you know other platforms that monitor whether the Facebook dropped down? So share it with us here in the comments.

Sources: Downdetector; Google Trends.