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Facebook dominated: list shows most downloaded apps and games from Play Store

With approximately 4 million apps and games, the Google Play Store is the largest store when it comes to games and apps. Formerly known as Android Market, the Google store has a repertoire for all styles and tastes.

But with so many downloadable options, do you know which apps are the most downloaded ever on the Play Store? If your answer was no and you don't know which ones are the most popular, check out our list of the most downloaded games and apps ever made on the Google Play Store.

Most downloaded applications

Facebook – 4.119 billion downloads

Facebook needs no introduction. The largest social network in the world has been facing many problems of scandals and data leaks lately, which has resulted in a large loss of users. However, despite dark days, Mark Zuckerberg's company ranks first as the most downloaded app on the Play Store.

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Facebook / AndroidPIT (screenshot)
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Facebook Messenger – 3.408 billion downloads

The second position also goes to Mark Zuckerberg's company, yes Facebook Messenger ranks second precisely because Facebook's separate messaging app. In Facebook for browser, the messenger is already built in, but for Android are separate applications. Later the company came to launch Facebook Lite as the two apps together aimed at less powerful smartphones.

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Facebook Messenger / AndroidPIT (screenshot)
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Facebook Messenger
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WhatsApp – 2.979 billion downloads

Also known as "a necessary evil", WhatsApp fired the most famous instant messenger in the world. Hardly any Android smartphone does not have the application downloaded by the user, a fact that puts it far ahead of its main competitor, Telegram. WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in 2014.

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WhatsApp / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

WhatsApp Messenger
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Instagram – 1.843 billion downloads

Closing our list we have Instagram, which app has gained many users lately, especially after the implementation of IGVT. The social network focused on photo posting, another Mark Zuckerberg company, which as we can see dominates the list of the most downloaded apps on the Play Store. Ah, follow AP l on Instagram @ androidpit.br.

instagram br
Instagram @ androidpit.br / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

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Most downloaded games

Subway Surfers – 1.025 billion downloads

Opening our list of the most downloaded games of all time on the Play Store, we have Subway Surfers. The endless running game has surpassed even the same game Candy Crush Saga, being the first game to reach the 1 billion download mark, quite a mark for a game.

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Subway Surfes / AndroidPIT (screenshot)
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Subway Surfers
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Candy Crush Saga – 805,826 million downloads

Candy Crush Saga marked as the first game I downloaded when I bought my first top of the line smartphone. At the time I bought a LG G2 and upon entering the Play Store was the first game I downloaded to test the LG G2. As I said above, Candy Crush Saga even got ahead of Subway Surfers in number of downloads, but then lost out and was in second position. A fun matching game, which many say gets boring with time.

candy Crush Saga
Candy Crush Saga / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

candy Crush Saga
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My Talking Tom – 578,344 million downloads

My Talking Tom is a virtual pet cat, where the goal is to take care of your kitten as if it were a real animal. I need to give food, bathe, play, among many other options. It's amazing how children love this game so much, where they take the dog seriously like a real cat.

my talking tom
My Talking Tom / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

My Talking Tom
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Temple Run 2 – 500,981 million downloads

Another endless run-style game that is very successful among Android users, even surpassing even the first Temple Run. I'm not particularly fond of this style of gameplay, though I still prefer Temple Run 2 over Subway Surfers.

temple run 2
Temple Run 2 / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Temple run 2
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It's amazing when we see these numbers and come across apps and games that have already surpassed the 1 billion download mark. This shows how much an app falls in the general public's favor. Remember that this list referring to the first half of the year, ie, these numbers may change in the next list.

And you, which apps or games on the list are installed on your smartphone?

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