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Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg countered the accusations that the social network application uses the cell phone's microphone to listen to users' conversations. He was speaking to US senators when he was asked about the topic by Gary Peters. Zuckerberg claimed that the accusations are a conspiracy theory.

This is not the first time that the social network rejects the chance of spying on Internet users through the smartphone. Vice President of Advertising, Rob Goldman, had also denied the information. Zuckerberg participates in hearings in the US Congress because of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

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In the past, Zuckerberg won the spotlight by covering the notebook's webcam with tape Photo: Reproduo / Instagram (@zuck)

In the past, Zuckerberg won the spotlight by covering the notebook's webcam with tape Photo: Reproduo / Instagram (@zuck)

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The spying charge is not recent. Rumors point that after installed, the application records the audio through the cell phone's microphone, being used for advertising. Thus, after conversations or the reproduction of TV programs, radio, among others, close to the smartphone, the social network starts to display advertisements related to these contents.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook allows users to record videos on their cell phones and then share them, and therefore has access to the smartphone's microphone. Videos have audio, he explains, while you are recording a video, we record the audio, and we use it to bring a better service and make sure it is available.

Data collection on Facebook Messenger

In March, Facebook was accused of tracking text messages via Messenger for Android. The discovery was made by a user of the social network, who noticed a list of calls and messages sent for two years by his cell phone, including the time, contact details and whether the call was made or received, in the copy of his data.

After the scandal, Facebook announced changes to reduce the collection of this information. According to the social network, only necessary data will be saved for the friend suggestion tool. Other changes have also been announced, such as improvements to privacy settings.

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