Facebook continues to lead pages seen in Portugal

Facebook was again the site that in November recorded the highest number of pages viewed from home, in Portugal, according to Marktest’s Netpanel study. The social network had 858 million pages visited, followed by google.pt, with 346 million pages and google.com, with 181 million.

In this segment, the biggest increase compared to October observed in the top 20 was led by iol.pt, which increased 8.5 percent compared to the previous month, to more than 53 million pages, and which now occupies the eighth position.

The hi5.com social network, on the other hand, saw the biggest monthly decline, with a drop of 45.7 percent to 60 million pages (7th position).

The localized version of Google in turn maintains the leadership in terms of unique users (3.1 million). Facebook.com remains in the second position (2.4 million) and google.com also maintained the third position (2.3 million).

In single users, the biggest monthly increase observed in the list of the 20 most visited domains occurred in the uol.com.br domain, which rose 3.2 percent compared to October. The hi5.com domain, on the other hand, once again led the largest decline, of 18.1 percent. It is now in 14th position, with 850 thousand unique users.

Netpanel Marktest Table November 2010

The total November figures accounted for the Internet connection of 3.4 million Portuguese people from home, which represented a monthly drop of 2.2 percent, but a year-on-year increase of 4.8 percent.

This month, more than 3.4 billion pages were visited, which was equivalent to a 6.5 percent monthly drop. Each user saw, on average, 993 pages, 4.4 percent less than in the previous month.

The number of hours of navigation per month was 36.5 million, representing a monthly decrease of 2.7 percent. The time spent per user decreased in November to 10 hours and 36 minutes, four minutes less than in October and one more hour and four minutes than in the same period in 2009.