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Facebook buys startup that controls PC with mind

Facebook has been investing over the years in technologies and companies that are linked to the world of augmented (or virtual) reality. The recent acquisition does not escape much from this scope.

The startup in question, privately held, 4-year-old CTRL-Labs, with a few dozen employees, managed to catch the eye of the powerful Facebook. She has raised a few tens of millions of dollars in the venture capital market, so she can practice her bracelet that measures neural activity. Briefly, one thought, the bracelet translates these moving electrical impulses into a digital screen.

This kind of technology that CTRL-Labs develops will be of paramount importance to Facebook in its augmented reality area, as it has been developing augmented reality glasses since 2017 and it does not need to use its hands.

The announcement was made on the official profile of Facebook's AR and VR division chief, Andrew Boz Bosworth, commenting on the acquisition. The report was made by Bloomberg, commenting that the agreement between Facebook and CTRL-Labs was around US $ 500 million and US $ 1 Bilho. Still yielded a comment from a Facebook spokesperson:

CTRL-Labs and Facebook are not competitors. Currently, Facebook does not own or develop this technology. CTRL-Labs technology is an innovative contribution that Facebook hopes to use to significantly improve Facebook's upcoming AR / VR experiences in a few years, thus fundamentally improving the user experience.

New York-based CTRL-Labs has raised $ 67 million, according to Crunchbase, owning a list of top investors such as Spark Capital, Google GV, Amazon Alexa Fund. and Founders Fund. CTRL-Labs employees will join the Facebook Reality Labs team, which works with AR and VR products.

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