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Facebook announces Tinder competitor, video calls on Instagram and more!

After the Cambridge Analytica scandal and Mark Zuckerberg's consequent and anthological testimony in the US Senate, the Facebook had a golden chance to shake off the dust and get back on top of his conference F8.

Well, if they succeeded or not, I leave you with the fact that the list of news presented by the blue giant, encompassing all its main products, is as far as the eye can see.


The main application of the largest social network in the world has some new cards up its sleeve. The main and most talked about of them is a new dating tool which, at first glance, resembles Tinder a lot, but has nothing to do with it according to Zuckerberg: according to the CEO, while the little rocket tool has the main purpose of scheduling meetings, the idea here is to give a hand in building long-lasting relationships .

Facebook F8 Conference

The “Facetinder” (sorry, Mark) can be used within the main Facebook application or separately, even with an account different from your main profile on the network. Your dating profile will be visible only to other users who are participating in the resource and the combinations will be suggested by a Facebook algorithm itself, which will analyze a series of preferences, groups that the person participates in and events that they attend in the city. Once combined, the lovebirds chat in a separate environment (no, not Messenger) where text exchange is allowed, for security.

Facebook's dating tool will start testing later this year, but there is no information about its general availability forecast. Who wants to find the love of their lives?

In addition to “Facetinder”, Facebook's main app will be getting some other news soon. The groups, for example, will receive some improvements: a new tab entirely dedicated to them will be created, and administrators will be able to take advantage of a new plugin that will allow them to create, for example, functional add buttons across the internet so that you can click on a link in the middle of a blog post and automatically join the group in question.

A feature called "Watch Party" you should also paint in the app soon. It is a tool that offers users an experience of watching videos in group, with a live chat to comment on their impressions with their friends. Zuckerberg, incidentally, sarcastically commented that the appeal would be a hand in the wheel for "when your friend is testifying in Congress". Heh.

To contribute to the general mental health of users, a tool for upvote and downvote of comments. It does not replace “enjoy” or reactions; instead, it’s an annima (no one knows who voted for each comment) that helps Facebook show the most relevant opinions in each post, pushing trolls and the old / hideous hateful comments. So we hope, at least.

Finally, to reflect Facebook's newly reinforced concern for user privacy (which may be real or not), Zuckerberg announced a new tool that will allow users to view and delete your online navigation tracking. With this, the network will no longer be able to analyze the websites you have visited and the advertisements you have interacted with, which, they believe, will bring a greater sense of transparency to users.


The main news has already been commented on several times here and now is finally officially announced. At video calls social network of photos are coming and, as expected, will be integrated into the Direct It will even be possible to make video calls with multiple users simultaneously, although the number has not yet been specified. The feature is being tested and will be available to everyone "soon".

Video calls on Instagram

In addition, the flap To explore is gaining some changes, like a carousel of themes at the top where it will be possible to see the Stories, photos and videos related to each subject of interest. Below, Instagram suggest hashtags related for you to follow.

At Stories (always they) also have good news. Soon they will receive integration with third party services, so you can, for example, share a photo or video directly in your story from your Camera Roll. The first integrations announced are with GoPro, SoundCloud and Spotify the latter is particularly interesting, because you will be able to share the music you are listening to in a few seconds and your followers will be able to touch a button at the top of the screen to listen to it.

Facebook F8 Conference

The camera Stories, in turn, gain the same augmented reality features introduced in the Facebook app a few months ago.

The network also announced a series of new tools against the bullying, as an automatic filter against offensive / hateful comments, especially focused on groups considered "at risk" such as minorities and political / religious profiles.


The platform's messenger will win one (extremely necessary) bath shop, hiding or excluding many of its features that made it one of the heaviest applications on our phones and made a bunch of people migrate to Messenger Lite. The new interface is much cleaner, with only three icons at the bottom (conversations, groups and exploration); the camera, call and video options are much more discreet, above.

On the conversation screen, the (thousands of) options are now inside menus instead of exploding on the screen, making the experience more calm. It’s good to note that, even with general cleaning, no features were removed from the app so if you for some reason use, say, the Stories Messenger, they’re still there, only more discreet.

Facebook Messenger for iOS

The coolest of all Dark Mode introduced by Facebook, which like all Dark Mode should be really black, instead of dark gray with light elements through the interface.


Facebook F8 Conference

The indefectible champion of instant messaging in Brazil and in much of the world has not been left out of the party, either: its video calling feature will be enhanced, allowing even four people at the same time join the call.

Facebook F8 Conference

In addition, by copying yet another resource from its rival Telegram, WhatsApp gains support for stickers, allowing users to express themselves much more freely (or, sometimes, frankly irritating). Both news will arrive "soon", according to Facebook.


Facebook took the opportunity to announce final details of the Oculus Go, first “autonomous” virtual reality glasses, that is, that works without having to be connected to a company computer.

Oculus Go

It uses the same platform as the Samsung Gear VR and, with that, already reaches the market with more than 1,000 applications available; its LCD screen has a resolution of 2560 Ă— 1440 pixels and the pet is equipped with a Snapdragon 821 processor.

Oculus Go is now available for sale by $ 200 (for the 32GB version) or $ 250 (for 64GB) both now come with the wireless directional remote for interaction. Nice, huh?

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