Facebook announces major redesign; Messenger will win Mac app

Facebook announces major redesign; Messenger will win Mac app

Opening your conference today F8in San Diego (California, United States), Facebook has announced a lot of news. We will cover two of the main ones in this article.

Great redesign

After many years, Facebook today unveiled the fifth generation of social networking (“FB5”) with perhaps the largest redesign in its history.

The new look (image above) leaves the traditional blue top bar for a more straightforward interface. clean, which has both a standard white version and a dark mode.

Facebook promises a simpler, faster and more immersive navigation, giving special focus to groups / communities.

“FB5” will be released immediately on Facebook's mobile versions, while desktop users will have to wait “a few months” until it is enabled for everyone.

We just announced a fresh new design for Facebook that makes communities as central as they are friends. The FB5 is simpler, faster and more immersive, and makes it easy to find what you're looking for and get to your most used resources. # f82019

People will start seeing some of these updates in the Facebook app right away, and the new desktop site will arrive in the coming months.

Here is a closer look at FB5, including Dark Mode for the web, coming soon.

Facebook app icon

Messenger on desktops

Better late than never, Facebook today announced that it will launch Messenger (MacOS and Windows) desktop apps.

Facebook Messenger on the desktop

The desktop client already comes with everything we are entitled to, including video call support.

Messenger Desktop is already in internal testing on Facebook and should be released to the general public later this year. Remembering, of course, that this may or may not have to do with Mark Zuckerberg's plans to "merge" all his communication networks.

Messenger app icon