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Facebook and Instagram gain time tracking ability; know how to use

Tools that control how much time a user spends using mobile or social networking features are becoming more popular. Both Android P and iOS 12 are bringing activity monitors that deliver usage statistics and options to hide information, enforce limits, and silence notifications. Now it's time for Instagram and Facebook.

Basically, both apps display the time you devote to social networking everyday. You will be able to limit this time spent programming the application to send you messages at a certain time by alerting you to leave Facebook or Instagram.

According to Facebook, the features were previously tested and created based on reports from organizations that work with people who have developed some kind of emotional disorder, nervous breakdown or who have had experience with suicide. The goal here is to keep the user periodically away from the virtual world to escape these health complications.

In Instagram, go to the Settings menu and choose Your Activity from the privacy and security selection. On Facebook the way is the same, and you should also choose from the setup menu the Weather on Facebook option.

Your Facebook Activity down
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The company guarantees that the appeal will be released within the next few weeks. According to Ameet Ranadive, Wellness Product Director of Instagram, a group of 1% of users on both networks will not receive the update. The idea here is to make a comparison between the core group and those who have access to the resource to notice possible behavioral changes.

If these functions are not coming to you within the next few days, then you should be part of the 1% left out for now. In any case, keep the Facebook and Instagram app up to date:

Install on Google Play

Install on Google Play

Already appeared to for you? Do you think these tools really help users who spend too much time on social networks?

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