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FAA allows DJI and other brand drones to fly near airports

THE United States Federal Aviation Agency (acronym in English FAA) provided permission for drones from 9 companies to fly in controlled airspace, such as near airports.

Official Website: LAANC

For this, however, it is necessary that a professional pilot is controlling the aircraft and that he has permission to fly the drone at any given time and place.

The good side is that it is now quite easy to obtain this permission. USA. This can be done almost in real time by sending a message to the initiative. LAANC (Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability).

The request will be quickly processed by the program, which will then determine the location at the altitude that the pilot will be able to use in that specific airspace.

According to the website EngadgetThis permit will be used for pilots who wish to conduct an inspection, capture photos or drive birds away from airports.

LAANC also serves to ensure that drones do not end up flying near airplanes. In addition, it informs the Air Agency's air traffic control of the permissions granted to drone pilots.

Companies that have gained permission to fly drones in these locations are: Aeronyde, Airbus, AiRXOS, Altitude Angel, Converge, DJI, KittyHawk, UASidekick and Unifly.

"Before LAANC, using drones for productive work near airports required detailed forms and even waiting months, even when the benefits were clear and safety was prioritized. Now, LAANC easily allows drones to be used over more than 5,100km2. including many populated areas that can benefit tremendously from drone operations. "– Brandon Montellato, DJI Program Manager

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