F Tony Fadell, a former Apple executive, reportedly bought iProducts at a Sotheby’s auction to fight AIDS [atualizado: ou não]

Tony Fadell considered the “father of the iPod” and now head of Nest would have bought both the red Mac Pro and the gold EarPods headphones created by Jony Ive and Marc Newson especially for a Sotheby’s auction that raised $ 13 million to fight AIDS in Africa. Whether he even bid (about $ 1.4 million in total) for the products nobody knows, but the images posted on Twitter by photographer Kevin Abosch show the former Apple executive admiring his or a close friend, who knows new toys. If he were the owner of those pieces, he would be a bit ironic, wouldn't he? (MacRumors)

Update · 12/13/2013 s 14:11

It took a while, but Fadell denied being the owner of the Gold EarPods and Mac Pro (RED) auctioned by Sotheby’s.