Eyes – Horror Game for Linux – You Better Run

Use your vision and sense of location to survive.

Hello gamer who uses Linux, today we have another horror game for the penguin platform, this is Eyes, a game that promises to give some scares and test your sense of location. Eyes - The Horror Game The plot of Eyes very simple, apparently you are part of a gang and must collect 20 bags of money spread over a very large mansion, with right to sto and of course find the exit of the site, which will only be released after that. You collect the 20 bags and find a key. Eyes The Horror Game

It would be a simple task if there wasn't something behind you … but to know what you will have to play. On the walls there are some "eyes" that you can collect by using the key. Q you can use those eyes to get your stalker's vision and if you are good at locating that vision will help you get as far as possible

Eyes The Horror Game The game is made in Unity, and has nice graphics, nothing very surprising but good enough to scare you, the simple gameplay, W, A, S and D control the character, with the mouse you control the visualization and with clicks of the mouse you collect money bags, open doors and lockers, and the letter Q uses the special ability to see through the vision of the __________ chasing you. Note: I left the gap because I really don't know what that thing would be! = P

Download and installation

The game has 84 MB free download and no installation required, just double click the binary file like most Unity games, if you have any questions on how to run the game see this article where we explain how to run any game on Linux, if you still have problems contact us so we can give you a little help =]

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