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Reliable weather forecast is necessary! We are sure that none of you like to have prepared for a particular weather condition and nothing that was predicted to happen. Carrying an umbrella is not the nicest thing. Today we are going to review an app of this type. Your name: Eye In Sky Weather. Follow what we have to say to see if this is a reliable app.

Functions & Usage

It's important that we start our review today by making it very clear that apps that are based on a specific location, such as Eye In Sky Weather, have their analysis very contingent on contingent situations. That is, while in a location A the app gives all the information accurately, in a location B, all your prediction can come down the drain. Our tests were done, for example, in two cities in two different countries: London (England) and Heidelberg (Germany). And we already advanced: there were some discrepancies in the results.

Maybe it would make more sense if users could select the data from which the app works. That's why we can say that Eye in Sky … left us with a feeling of doubt. On the one hand, it offers only the most trivial features one would expect from a weather forecast app, ie being able to check the weather today, 15 days from now, or the next 48 hours. On the other, its design is above average.

An interesting feature determines what are the chances of rain and others inform the thermal sensation, humidity, wind speed and atmospheric pressure. For some users, such features are already more than enough to evaluate a good app. Others, however, are looking for more sophisticated features like hourly weather forecasting, storm forecasting or real-time satellite imagery. We are of the opinion that an app should feature something new, because more of it is no longer necessary to be on the market.

Conclusion:Eye In Sky Weather deserves a good note in this regard, especially because it is a great app, despite offering only trivial features for the user. However, much is missing from him, in our view. For example, it is not even possible to compare time in two different locations. As this is an app that keeps the user informed at all times, it means that their data is constantly updated. So be sure to check how much it spends on your precious battery and adjust how often updates should be made.

Screen & Controls

Eye In Sky Weather is way ahead of other apps in its category. The incredible graphics and controls are more than intuitive. With this app you can mock your friends who have an iPhone. The app impressed us greatly by its speed in the face of screen slides and its minimalist and chic look. Your tablet-optimized interface.

Speed ​​& Stability

Eye In Sky Weather's speed and stability are impeccable. The app performed very well during our tests.

Price / Performance Ratio

Eye In Sky Weather can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and recommended for users who value primarily beautiful design. Its functionality is not to be missed, but it is far from the sophistication of its design.

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