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Absolutely everything about manuals, processes, animations in ASCII and Unicode. You will learn numerous Terminfo and Termcap data manipulation commands. You will also discover all the reasoning and logic used for game creation, using the reason for the creation.

There are 22 videos, more than 2GB of content that you can download and keep with you forever, 18 PDF handouts, 18 didactic scripts and even more files, images and more, all to help you study and become a ninja expert terminal.

How much?

The course has an investment value of R $ 174.90, but it is a very important requirement to have basic knowledge at least in Shell Script, so that you can develop the skills proposed in the course more quickly.

If you do not meet this prerequisite, Marcos has also prepared some courses that will give you all the necessary background to go to the extremely advanced course.

1 – Beginner to Advanced Shell Script Course – Where you learn the essentials, besides manipulating databases and using Shell Script for Web.

Value: R $ 39,90.More details on:

2 – Vim Editor's Course – You will learn how to customize Vim, for example by mapping any key to respond as you wish.

Value: R $ 29.90More details on:

3 – Extremely Advanced Course in Shell Script Bash – For creating animations, distro installers, games and more, as commented in this article:

Value: R $ 174,90More information on:

But, as here does not joke when the subject promotes, now, in a partnership between Diolinux and Terminal Root, you can take all 3 courses for only $ 179.90!

A bonus: In addition to these mentioned courses, you will also receive the course of SED – Full Flow Editor.

How can you buy?

In fact, very simply. All course material will be emailed to you, so just make the purchase on here. After that only await the receipt of the material, if you have any questions, please contact Marcos directly at

Stay tuned for the blog and the Diolinux channel, as we'll probably be giving away some full courses for our readers and subscribers soon!

See you next time!