ExpressBox 3T, accessory that adds three external PCIe slots to Macs with Thunderbolt, goes on pre-order

In September we talked about ExpressBox 3T, from Magma, an accessory that would allow to significantly expand the capabilities of Macs with Thunderbolt ports through the addition of three external PCIe 2.0 slots (two 8x and one 4x).

All right, guess who just went on pre-sale, for the trifle of $ 980, with an estimated arrival in early 2012!

Magma ExpressBox 3T

In addition to this novelty, Magma also clarified a few things about the compatibility of ExpressBox on Windows and Mac OS X: in general, PCIe card drivers will need adaptations to work via Thunderbolt on Ma's operating system, something that will not be not necessary from Microsoft, working perfectly via Boot Camp.

To resolve this issue on OS X, Magma is actively working with accessory manufacturers to get new drivers to make them "Thunderbolt Aware".

There is only one small-big thing: GPU support, something that a lot of people should be looking forward to.

Unfortunately, it won't be possible on Mac OS X without direct action by Apple to make such an expansion possible; in Windows, the thing is still uncertain.

Well, not perfect, but already starting from the other side, giving almost the price of a MacBook Air in this accessory means #TENSO.

The need for expansion has to be very big, really.

(tip from @uelei)