Fake MacBook charger

Expert makes complete analysis of a counterfeit charger for MacBook

Our comrade Ken Shirriff – we have already published here some of his analyzes of Apple chargers – he appeared again with another publication full of details on his personal blog. This time, he did the teardown and talked about the MacBook charger, comparing it to chargers not certified by Apple – and highlighting the great danger in using these “copies”.

Fake MacBook charger

It can be said that the manufacturers of these fake chargers have learned from their predecessors. They now have almost the same weight as the original, have the embossing of the Apple logo on their housing, carry the metal ground pin (which many have not used before), etc. In the past, it was possible to notice the differences just by the charger’s housing – now not anymore, evolving to the point of almost deceiving Shirriff.

Fake MacBook chargerFalse charger on the left; Apple original on the right

But despite the great external similarities, it is enough to compare the internal components for the differences to be noticed. The official Apple charger has several complex circuits that guarantee the safety of the user and the proper functioning of the equipment. Unlike the counterfeit, which has a low density board, a simple power supply and a small insulation for voltage input and output – which is a big risk.

The manufacturers of unofficial chargers are concerned with making cheap products and thus end up hiding potentially dangerous flaws in the electronic components that exist inside the chargers. That’s why accidents, burns and even tragedies happen – like the Chinese woman who was electrocuted by a fake accessory while carrying her iPhone.

Fake MacBook charger

The publication has rich details that highlight several significant dangers that users face when using these fake products. Read Shirriff’s article [em inglês]. And here’s the tip for those who suspect they have a counterfeit charger: you can participate in Apple’s program to exchange fake chargers for original ones or take a look at this Apple page that provides information about your adapters.

[via MacRumors]