Apple releases iOS 11.3.1 for all users, bringing bug fixes [atualizado: update de segurança do macOS High Sierra]

Exited! iOS 11.1 is officially released for all users of compatible iPads and iPhones / iPods touch [atualizado 2x: links diretos]

If you've been waiting for a good time to update to iOS 11, it just arrived. Apple just released the iOS 11.1 (build 15B93) for all users of iPads and iPhones / iPods touch that are compatible with it.

Before we get into the details of what this update brings again, what matters most to you all is that iOS 11 is now at a respectable stage and in line with the quality we expect from Apple.

Numerous bugs have been fixed in addition to those that had already been in the minor versions 11.0.1, 11.0.2 and 11.0.3 and even the majority of battery consumption feedbacks from users who were testing their betas are extremely positive. What has not changed, and shows no signs of changing, is the behavior of the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth shortcuts in the Control Center.

IOS 11.1 is the version that will be installed on iPhones X, so Apple has also worked hard on it to make it in the tricks with all the features and gestures unique to its newest smartphone that is coming to stores this week.

In response to numerous requests, Apple brought back the gesture to access the multitasking interface using the 3D Touch in the left corner (the 3D Touch shortcuts in icons are also no longer with lags in the animations reported by some users), allows access to the Notification Center when using the Accessibility feature, there are new animations through the system and the more important of all: 70 new emojis including types of food, animals, mystical creatures, clothing options, smileys more expressive, gender neutral characters and others.

Do not hesitate to upgrade to iOS 11.1, but before proceeding please make sure you have an updated backup of your iGadget on iCloud or iTunes. Then open Settings, go to General Software Update and send bullet! 😉

Obviously, being cool doesn't mean that iOS 11.1 is perfect no wonder that Apple has already started testing iOS 11.2. And it is only he who will correct, for example, a bug in the Calculator which generates wrong results if you type too fast. There are also reports, from who was testing the latest betas of iOS 11.1, that bugs in the Calendar are still pending. Oh, well

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As usual, for those who prefer to download IPSW files directly to install updates manually, go to the appropriate links:

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For those interested, here is the support article with all the iOS 11.1 security fixes.