executive leaves Apple for Ford; designer left the company for an unusual reason

And the stampede continues: executive leaves Apple for Ford; designer left the company for an unusual reason

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that the word «stampede» can be slightly exaggerated, Apple’s top and most important executives remain comfortably seated in their Cupertinian chairs, after all. On the other hand, is it undeniable that the amount of talent leaving Ma for the most varied of reasons is greater than that would ever be problems in the 1 Infinite Loop paradise or simply the competition seems more inviting than before?

Musa Tariq

The first of deserters (just kidding) Musa Tariq, an executive who arrived at Apple more than two years ago from Nike, and served as director of marketing and global retail communications. At the American automaker Ford, Tariq has the position (created especially for him, good to note) of chief brand officerThat is, vice president responsible for the company’s brand and public image.

Another important figure, even though it was Apple, was Yoky Matsuoka, who spent less than a year at Ma as part of the new technology development team in the health field. Her departure from Cupertino has already been reported for us in the past months, but now we know her destiny: she is returning to Nest Labs, a subsidiary of Alphabet, where she was hired before leaving for Apple. Now it plays the high role of CTO (chief technology officer).

Steve Jobs and Bas Ording

The other Apple exit story of the day happened some time ago, but only now, with a note from John Gruber on Daring Fireball, the circumstances of the case have spread around the world and they are quite curious. Explained: the talented Dutch designer Bas Ording, responsible for creating some crucial elements of iOS such as the text selection and copy / paste tool, left Apple in 2013, being hired by Tesla two years later.

What is the reason for your leaving Ma? No, it was not unsatisfactory payment, problems with colleagues or looking for new opportunities: Ording was simply tired of having to go to court regularly to defend the company in court cases. Since the designer’s name is on a large number of patents, he was often called upon to appear in court to give evidence in Apple disputes against Samsung or HTC, for example.

It started to piss me off. I spent more time in court than creating. Furthermore, I missed the interaction with Steve Jobs. We discuss matters every two weeks.

This second part of the statement also brings an important reflection: is it that Jobs’ death is contributing to this stampede? It is a known fact that Tim Cook’s Apple is very different from the one managed by his co-creator, but to what extent does this make important talents decide to leave one of the most celebrated technology companies in the world? Are there other factors behind this? Let us reflect.

(via Recode, Apple World Today)