[exclusivo] Bradesco prepares first Brazilian Augmented Reality application on iPhone 3GS

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As soon as the iPhone OS 3.1 and Brazil will already be able to count on an application that enjoys the new technologies of the brand new iPhone 3GS! ?

We had access to some exclusive information about the launch of what should be the first Augmented Reality totally national: the Bradesco Presence.

Bradesco Presence

This morning we had already released some previous images of the future program and now we get more consistent information that proves the real launch of the application.

THE Augmented Reality (RA) is the process of capturing real images and overlapping virtual objects that interact with it. Translating to a less technical language, it is the possibility of visualizing a landscape and seeing information related to it. We have already shown some examples right here on the Blog.

Augmented Reality App

Thanks to the compass iPhone 3GS, this technique starts to be used to indicate directions to metro stations and tourist points, for example. Taking advantage of this, the Bradesco decided to invest in this resource to offer its customers an interactive service for locating nearby branches, in addition to service points such as Banco Postal and ATMs. And it works throughout Brazil, as the bank has points of care in almost 100% of the country’s municipalities.

Nearby service points

Using interaction with Google Maps, you can quickly see all nearby service points. A superior menu filters the type of point you are looking for, such as Day & Night self-service, bank branches, Prime and 24h cashiers. You can choose where you want to go and plot a route on the spot with the shortest path to follow, starting from where you are. Very practical.

List of useful phones

The application also brings a complete list of the phone numbers of the branches, the SAC and the Ombudsman. Just click and call. ?

But the coolest thing is the use of iPhone 3GS interactivity with the landscape. ?You can see in real time the direction and distance from the nearest service points to where you are. When directing the 3GS camera to the floor, a kind of wind rose appears, with signs indicating the agencies. And literally it is a Bradesco agency for all sides! ?

Geographical indication of the agencies

When you raise the camera, it shows a line with the points you are looking for. The farther the point is geographically, the higher it is on the screen. It is as if you have a real sign in front of you, showing where the place is. Simply amazing! ?

We had access to a demo video showing the application in action on the streets of São Paulo. Check out:

The feeling of seeing RA on your own iPhone is indescribable in words or video, just using the app to get a sense of how much fun it is. The images are updated every second, which causes them to change as you move. It is a technology with enormous potential that will still bear good fruit for the iPhone.

Although augmented reality only works in the iPhone 3GS (because of the built-in compass), the other functions of the application (location of branches with the 2D map and phone list) will normally work on other devices that already have iPhone OS 3.1 installed.

There is still no release date yet, but the Bradesco Presence has already been submitted to the App Store and should be approved in the coming days. Like all of your other apps, it will be free.

It’s good that Bradesco has always believed in the iPhone as a service platform, being one of the first large national companies to invest in the App Store. Now, he is also a pioneer in using one of the newest iPhone technologies (the AR functions were released on the 9th by Apple) and associate it with his campaign Presence. After all, do you want something that better defines the concept than an app that shows you where you are and where you should go?

And who wins is us, users of iPhones. ?


New information: The application was designed and created by Ínsula Communication and produced by Maya.