Exclusive iPhone apps we still want to see on Android

1. Tweebot 4

The famous Tweetbot is an exclusive Twitter client for iOS and Mac OS X users. Both versions are paid for, and for a long time, Tweetbot offered features that the official Twitter app lacked, such as statistics and support for multiple accounts. The app has a unique look that doesn't much resemble the Twitter pattern.

tweetbotfalcon "sizes =" (max-width: 806px) calc (100vw - 24px), (max-width: 995px) 782px, (max-width: 1216px) calc (2 * (100vw - 30px) / 3) + 15px - 24px), 782px "src =" https://fscl01.fonpit.de/userfiles/6675138/image/tweetbotfalcon-w782.jpg "srcset =" https://fscl01.fonpit.de/userfiles/6675138/image/ tweetbotfalcon-w782.jpg 782w, https://fscl01.fonpit.de/userfiles/6675138/image/tweetbotfalcon-w596.jpg 596w, https://fscl01.fonpit.de/userfiles/6675138/image/tweetbotfalcon-w450. jpg 450w, https://fscl01.fonpit.de/userfiles/6675138/image/tweetbotfalcon-w336.jpg 336w, https://fscl01.fonpit.de/userfiles/6675138/image/tweetbotfalcon-w300.jpg 300w "class = "lazyload
Tweetbot has Talonf for Twitter as a competitor in the Play Store / ANDROIDPIT

Android Alternative: Talon for Twitter

Looking at Google Play we can find Talon for Twitter (paid), one of the best alternative customers for the micro-blog. In addition to providing a look that is fully integrated with Material Design visual guidelines, Talon is able to bring together the best features of Tweetbot 4 and the official Twitter app. The very functional app offers good features and can be an interesting investment.

Talon for Twitter
Install on Google Play

2. Reeder 3

Reeder 3 is one of the favorite apps among iOS users. Support for numerous RSS channels, multi-account synchronization and integration with third party services are the main strengths of the app. For tablet users with the Ma system you can count on a well-functioning landscape mode that is fully adapted to the larger screens.

reederfeedly "sizes =" (max-width: 806px) calc (100vw - 24px), (max-width: 995px) 782px, (max-width: 1216px) calc (2 * (100vw - 30px) / 3) + 15px - 24px), 782px "src =" https://fscl01.fonpit.de/userfiles/6675138/image/reederfeedly-w782.jpg "srcset =" https://fscl01.fonpit.de/userfiles/6675138/image/ reederfeedly-w782.jpg 782w, https://fscl01.fonpit.de/userfiles/6675138/image/reederfeedly-w596.jpg 596w, https://fscl01.fonpit.de/userfiles/6675138/image/reederfeedly-w450. jpg 450w, https://fscl01.fonpit.de/userfiles/6675138/image/reederfeedly-w336.jpg 336w, https://fscl01.fonpit.de/userfiles/6675138/image/reederfeedly-w300.jpg 300w "class = "lazyload
You can replace Reeder 3 with Feedly on your Android / ANDROIDPIT

Android Alternative: Feedly

Feedly is an RSS feed reader that owes nothing to Reeder 3. The app, available for free on the Play Store, has the same integration with third-party services like Pocket, Instapaper, and Google Keep. You can customize the font displayed, the main theme of the app and adjust the order in which the news will be displayed. A great option is that it should appeal to all Android users.

Feedly – Get Smarter
Install on Google Play

3. Airmail

Airmail arrived for iOS recently, although there was a version of the Mac OS X app some time ago (both paid). The email client, alternative to the iOS standard, made a fuss, mainly for exploring a visual approach and offering differentiated usability.

Synchronization and support for numerous email services is the app's differential. In addition, Airmail has a very functional email personalization and ordering system, making the user keep his inbox organized voluntarily.

airmailoutlook "sizes =" (max-width: 806px) calc (100vw - 24px), (max-width: 995px) 782px, (max-width: 1216px) calc (2 * (100vw - 30px) / 3) + 15px - 24px), 782px "src =" https://fscl01.fonpit.de/userfiles/6675138/image/airmailoutlook-w782.jpg "srcset =" https://fscl01.fonpit.de/userfiles/6675138/image/ airmailoutlook-w782.jpg 782w, https://fscl01.fonpit.de/userfiles/6675138/image/airmailoutlook-w596.jpg 596w, https://fscl01.fonpit.de/userfiles/6675138/image/airmailoutlook-w450. jpg 450w, https://fscl01.fonpit.de/userfiles/6675138/image/airmailoutlook-w336.jpg 336w, https://fscl01.fonpit.de/userfiles/6675138/image/airmailoutlook-w300.jpg 300w "class = "lazyload
Airmail can be replaced by Outlook without suffering / ANDROIDPIT

Alternative on Android: Outlook

Outlook, in turn, is the Play Store's highest-rated email client, and it also occupies a spot on our selection of the best productivity apps of the moment (link below). Among its advantages is an in-app calendar that synchronizes events and appointments identified in accounts that have been added to the main email box.

Another advantage of the app is its usability, which is based on gestures such as sliding your finger over the email to archive or remove it. Anyone looking for a good alternative to Gmail can even bet on Outlook as the ideal replacement.

Microsoft Outlook
Install on Google Play

4. Clear

Clear (paid) is a task and list organizer geared toward user productivity. Perhaps what appeals to users the most is its minimalist, intuitive, gesture-based look. As for features, you can create shopping or to-do lists, set task alarms, and synchronize your tasks with iCloud.

cleartodoist "sizes =" (max-width: 806px) calc (100vw - 24px), (max-width: 995px) 782px, (max-width: 1216px) calc (2 * (100vw - 30px) / 3) + 15px - 24px), 782px "src =" https://fscl01.fonpit.de/userfiles/6675138/image/cleartodoist-w782.jpg "srcset =" https://fscl01.fonpit.de/userfiles/6675138/image/ cleartodoist-w782.jpg 782w, https://fscl01.fonpit.de/userfiles/6675138/image/cleartodoist-w596.jpg 596w, https://fscl01.fonpit.de/userfiles/6675138/image/cleartodoist-w450. jpg 450w, https://fscl01.fonpit.de/userfiles/6675138/image/cleartodoist-w336.jpg 336w, https://fscl01.fonpit.de/userfiles/6675138/image/cleartodoist-w300.jpg 300w "class = "lazyload
Clear for iPhone has a replacement at its Android level: Todoist / ANDROIDPIT

Android Alternative: Todoist

In this comparison I chose Todoist, a great productivity app that encourages the user to keep their backlog in order. There are good alternatives on the Play Store, such as Wunderlist and Any.do, but when it comes to visual, Todoist has Clear's closest use experience.

The app lets you sync your tasks with Gmail, and offers a range of great features for free. Give it a try!

Todoist: Task Management Lists
Install on Google Play

5. Fantastical

Fantastical is an acclaimed calendar app, very useful in the opinion of iOS users (paid). In addition to performing basic calendar functions, Fantastical has a unique navigation mode that makes it more functional and simple to use. The app has versions for MacBooks and optimized tablets that run on iOS.

fantasticalgoogleagenda "sizes =" (max-width: 806px) calc (100vw - 24px), (max-width: 995px) 782px, (max-width: 1216px) calc (2 * (100vw - 30px) / 3) + 15px - 24px), 782px "src =" https://fscl01.fonpit.de/userfiles/6675138/image/fantasticalgoogleagenda-w782.jpg "srcset =" https://fscl01.fonpit.de/userfiles/6675138/image/ fantasticalgoogleagenda-w782.jpg 782w, https://fscl01.fonpit.de/userfiles/6675138/image/fantasticalgoogleagenda-w596.jpg 596w, https://fscl01.fonpit.de/userfiles/6675138/image/fantasticalgoogleaenda. jpg 450w, https://fscl01.fonpit.de/userfiles/6675138/image/fantasticalgoogleagenda-w336.jpg 336w, https://fscl01.fonpit.de/userfiles/6675138/image/fantasticalgoogleagenda-w300.jpg 300w "class = "lazyload
Google Calendar is the perfect calendar for you to forget about Fantastical / ANDROIDPIT

Android Alternative: Google Calendar

I can't think of anything other than Google Calendar to compare with Fantastical. After all, we're talking about a calendar / calendar, and we don't need a lot of resources, plus a basic synchronization of events and tools that can efficiently manage our appointments. In that, Google Calendar more than enough.

In addition to tight integration with email servers, Google Calendar integrates with other devices that are connected with the same Google account. In addition to being free, the Big G option has a web version that can be collaborative between Gmail users.

Google Calendar
Install on Google Play

Exclusive iPhone apps we still want to see on Android

Overall, I can say that even for paid apps, iOS users are more willing to test alternatives to existing services than Android users. It may seem strange that a user pays almost $ 40 for a calendar app, but if this option exceeds your usage expectations, why not?

We Android users have the great asset of having access to the most used services in the world, which are those of Google, for free, functional and well integrated with the system. Sometimes we get used to this reality, but if you liked any alternative apps on our list, don't think twice, download them right now.

Did you already know the apps of our team? Think we can wait for any of these unique apps on Android?

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