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Exclusive: Indian App Store Offers Free Paid Apps

It's no secret that many Android developers struggle to get enough benefit from their apps. On the other hand, it is no secret that some Android apps are very easy to pirate. And as hard as it says, stealing paid Android apps is even easier. So we found out: an App Store in India hacked Android Market with perfect design and functionality that lets you download thousands of free paid apps. Two days ago, we contacted Google directly, but the company has not yet offered an official statement.

IPhone users who have jailbroken devices have long had access to the pirated App Store, allowing them to download paid apps from the Apple Store for free. While we look at some third-party Android markets trying to do the same, this Indian app store has taken piracy to a new level. As a result, it has just dealt a hard blow to the hard work of application developers.

Before proceeding, I want to clarify that here on AndroidPIT we are against this kind of scam. Even though we have considered writing this article we are somehow promoting piracy. However, ignoring this problem is not the solution. After testing the fake market by downloading a paid app we already had and using a separate Gmail account, we can confirm that it works.

Android India, the app store in question is a large Android marketplace that lets you browse freely and legally buy apps hosted on the Google Play store. It also allows you to avoid restrictions by region or country. The problem is that not only was the Android market in India hacked, but it created a separate market as a downloadable APK file. Therefore, we have a large database of paid applications that can be downloaded for free.

Once you have downloaded and installed APK, all apps, including the latest paid titles, can be downloaded for free and have cracked status with the information of the cracker. See the image below:

Say that the manufacturer (or manufacturers) of this app are evidently an understatement, as you can see from the text used to describe the hacked platform (we have removed the name of the hacked APK file from all images, please do not ask the APK file or by his name):

When we tried to download a paid app that required more data, the license check was also skipped, and within minutes we were using the app on a device. We also note that the App Store uninstall feature of hacked apps doesn't work, you have to enter the app settings to delete it. But even after I did that, I found the APK in the phone memory. This market is so bold that it still shows the price that would cost the app:

Another very strange finding is that there is an option to install the application legally or illegally. That is, if you press the "install" button the app will download and install on the device for free by clicking on the "market" you will be redirected to Google Play Store to purchase the app. Below is a photo where you can check it out. Once again we removed the market name:

For those who are thinking of being part of these markets, we must warn you that when using this app we do not know where will our data stop or if the APK has any trojan or malware.

We contacted Google directly to address this issue, forwarded the APK file and all relevant data about where it was found. It's been two days and they haven't given us an official statement yet, so we decided to publish the news. We assume they will still contact us. Once we get Google's position on the Indiana Pirate App Store, we will update this article in full detail.

We are convinced that there may be people who after reading this article will want to find APK, download it and start stealing apps. Unfortunately, we cannot prevent this from happening. However, we expect the user to be aware of and think about what it means for each developer to create an application. We also want to add that it is always better to download applications from reliable sources.

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