Apple Releases Another Firmware Update for AirPorts [atualizado]

Exclusive: Anatel approves “new” AirPorts Extreme and Time Capsules; products will arrive in Brazil in August

The reader Bruno Lopes last week raised a very curious question in our forum, which has even been the subject of doubts by several other readers recently. With the “new” AirPorts Extreme and Time Capsules (with network support dual-band), released by Apple in the United States at the beginning of * March * ?! Well, my dear, until today these products have not arrived in Brazil. But the wait is ending, as found out today exclusively.

AirPort ExtremeAirPort Extreme

Time CapsuleTime Capsule

Such a delay, as always, was the fault of the bureaucratic product approval process at ANATEL – Agência Nacional de Telecomunicaes. Fortunately, both characterized by the type "Restricted Radiation Transceiver – Category II" received her endorsement at the end of June, which finally boosted the import process by Apple Brazil.

At ANATEL, AirPort Extreme identified as model A1301, while Time Capsule appears as A1302. Below are the certificates of both:

The products must, as usual, must contain the ANATEL seal at the bottom:

Two other files contain several external photos of the products, visually proving that they are really AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule:

makes both PDFs available for download to those interested: A1301 (164KB) and A1302 (224KB). The list of documents available also includes two files, with details on the product warranty in Brazil.

The press office of Apple Brasil informed us today that, due to the approval, their launch is scheduled for mid-August, but the prices have not yet been released. In the USA, the Time Capsule sold in 500GB and 1TB versions, for $ 300 and $ 500, respectively. AirPort Extreme Base Station consists of just a $ 180 model.