Examples of the potential of ARKit continue to appear on the web and they are incredible

Augmented reality in something new; maybe it is gaining more and more space, but really “new”, no. As many people, especially gamers were already immersed in various manifestations of virtual reality, with headsets from several manufacturers, and also from AR, it is possible that many have thought that "it was time" or else "where's the innovation?" when Apple announced the ARKit at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2017.

However, as Ma usually says, she does not care to be the first, but to be the best; and, even if it is still in an initial phase, it is already possible to realize that the company does have the potential to do “the best”.

To illustrate this, we have already made a post with a compilation of interesting examples created with ARKit and now we bring you a kind of “part 2”.

3D drawing

AR + VR Drawing

Competing with friends

One of the advantages of AR that Tim Cook always mentions the possibility of interacting simultaneously with the real and the virtual. This can be well illustrated with the following example. A Japanese company created “HADO”, which is the “combination of motion sensor, smartphone, AR technology and sports that create a totally new experience that we call Techno Sports”:

A Tesla in my garage

For car lovers, nothing more “Premium” than having a Tesla Model 3 in the garage, right? Well, if we can't have it in real life, maybe in augmented reality:

Learn to dance

At the waltz feet (or whoever wants to be one), ARKit help:

Augmented reality

(It took me a while to understand that the two there were not real)

Both were filmed using our dynamic volumetric capture technology in our studio. From video sequences, we generated this 4D / holographic feature, you can download it as sample data on our website: www.4dviews

Food always good

Imagine if we could see the options of the restaurant menus up close before placing the order?

Shopping with AR

It would be very good, especially for the most inattentive, if we could see the exact dimensions of the products we buy online. Apparently, the AR helps us in this too:

Exact measurements

Measuring any kind of thing will be very easy with ARKit. Let us wait for the apps that I enjoy using this technology (I can't wait):


This was one of the most insane videos I have ever seen with ARKit. So far, we've seen the spectacular ability to track objects made with ARKit, right? Developer Nedd has created a portal that is already amazing to look at, but wait he * enters * another place:

Minecraft in real life

Minecraft fever kids and / or lovers will freak out with this demonstration:

Project of a house

And if you, like me, thought it would be incredible to create a property with augmented reality, you were not wrong. Take a look at how cool this house is designed on a plot:

· • ·

If I could, I would spend my whole life watching videos of that type (and, yes, I want to try this out in hand it must be ridiculously cool). However, we need to end here if you didn't see the first post, click here; moreover, you can do a web search for "ARKit" or follow the "Made With ARKit" page, because weekly they post very cool things.

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