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16 Inch Macbook Pro: Everything You Need to Know

It was in February of this year that we received the news that Apple’s newest Macbook Pro (the 16-inch Macbook Pro) would be released later this year, with a larger-than-normal screen. This news came from analyst Ming Chi-Kuo, someone who has reported several Ma rumors that came true.

The screen, he said, would be 16 inches. And as strange as a 16-inch Macbook Pro looks like, it’s a pretty credible source – correctly predicted that we’ll see this year a 6-inch 31-inch monitor, a new iPad and iPad Mini, and three instead of two iPhones. 11 by adding the iPhone 11 Pro Max line.

Let’s talk about all the rumors and news related to this company’s new laptop and also talk about what it would be great for Apple to do about it.

1. Screen and Design

If the rumors are real and the screen is as big as the name says, the 16-inch Macbook Pro will have the biggest screen of any laptop made by Apple in the last 7 years. Currently, the pro line consists of two versions, with 13 and 15 inches of screen. It also has the standard 12 inch Macbook and the 13 inch Air.

The screen is rumored to be in OLED, a technology that is not new to the company but rarely used. However, the reality is disappointing and the monitor will appear to be LCD with the Retina panel and True Tone technology and resolution slightly increased to 3072 × 1920.

Now, an area where rumors disagree a lot, as is the design of this laptop: many say that its body is essentially the same, with only change on the screen and diminishing the edges around it, which would be a very cool step in into the future, increasing the ratio of screen to body.

Others say that instead his body will be larger to accommodate the new screen size and the screen-to-body ratio will be the same as today’s Macbooks; That being the reality, it will disappoint many fans of the company and everyone who wants to see technology advance.

It is also likely that it will be equipped with both Touch ID and Face ID and will implement major improvements to the Touch Bar.

Touch ID

2. Keyboard

One area that we can’t ignore is the keyboard that the 16-inch Macbook Pro will offer, as Apple’s current laptop keyboards and since 2015 have had a lot of problems reported by users, such as locking keys, exiting two letters when clicking once. nor type anything on click.

These problems stem from the mechanism that the keyboard uses, the so-called «butterfly key,» an Apple innovation to ensure that its laptops were thinner, but unfortunately it went badly wrong. In the new Macbook, will be implemented the very common «scissors keys», with a quite different operation.

If a user is concerned about how they feel when they click the keys, they may be relieved, as Apple makes it quite easy to make the typing feel the same regardless of which keys they use.

16-inch Macbook Pro keyboard engine

3. Performance

Apparently, the new 16-inch Macbook Pro will be back equipped with an Intel processor, but this time it will be one of the ninth generation, the Coffee Lake HR, specifically designed to lower power consumption and boost performance, with surprising results. Good.

This is most likely the last of the Macbook Pro to come equipped with Intel processors, as Apple wants to implement Arm-based chips, the same used in smartphones, to make all Mac programs run on the latest versions of the Macbook Pro. iOS and iPadOS.

In addition, your configurations should start at 16gb RAM and an extremely powerful SSD. There is much speculation and expectation that it will be equipped with AMD’s latest graphics chip, the Radeon 5500M, whose performance is quite good, but not exactly the best possible.

Apple’s partnership with AMD would make a lot of sense, considering the history of the two, where Ma has exclusively used AMD’s graphics chips, at least since 2013.

4. Entries

Something everyone wants is just standard USB ports on the company’s laptops, and with the new 16-inch Macbook Pro design this would be a great opportunity to include them, especially considering the difficulty of finding accessories with USB-C plugs. found in the latest Macbooks.

However, Apple seems to have liked very much to have only 3 Type C inputs, so probably with them will this new laptop come equipped. The only thing we can hope is that they do not decide to remove the headphone jack, something that has become quite common on smartphones and making bluetooth headsets increasingly necessary.

16-inch Macbook Pro Inputs


The newest 16-inch Macbook Pro is still likely to be released this year, even though some sites are reporting postponement until next year.

It will most likely come equipped with gigantic improvements when compared to previous versions, a bigger and new screen, a more functional keyboard and a processor that could not be better.

If you’re in no hurry to buy your next Macbook, it’s a good wait for the announcement, as it will certainly be worth it.

And what do you think about the rumors of the 16-inch Macbook Pro?

We’ve put together here all the major rumors and assumptions about Apple’s upcoming release, a very promising product that the public has huge expectations of. He says in the comments if he saw something we did not put and what you expect from him.