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Everything you need to know about encrypting your WhatsApp conversations

WhatsApp announced yesterday that all messages exchanged by users, whether text, photo, video or voice, have been encrypted end to end. Check out a brief explanation about the meaning of this and learn how this novelty fits into your daily life.

What end-to-end encryption in WhatsApp

To say that WhatsApp messages are encrypted end-to-end means that only the sender and recipient of the messages are able to read its contents.

In short, now your personal and digital information and communications are no longer vulnerable, but protected. You can talk, write or send the image you want without worrying about whether the WhatsApp server or third parties will intercept and read your messages.

You can talk, write or send the image you want without worrying

The term "end-to-end" or "end-to-end" is the certification that WhatsApp will not be able to decrypt messages on its own, even if the company is bound by law. Thus, the company will set up the exchange of "keys" between users, but only the two participants will have access to their own conversation.

Do you need to confirm the use of encryption?

Each conversation on WhatsApp has its own security related code. Thus, the content of the conversation is scrambled when sent and decoded only when it reaches the recipient's smartphone. The QR Code or the next 60-digit number (image below) can be compared between you and your chat contacts.

However, this is optional, since encryption is done automatically.

whatsapp update encryption 0
The optional confirmation the user does if he wants / ANDROIDPIT

When you are side by side with one of your contacts, just scan this QR code. otherwise, just share the numeric code by clicking on the symbol located at the top right. After that, if the signal is green, the conversation encryption is active; if it is red, the feature is not yet working.

How to rely on end-to-end encryption in WhatsApp

The new security feature, which makes it impossible to access the content of conversations between users, is now available from version 2.16.10 of the application. Right now, to have this version automatically you need to be part of the WhatsApp beta update program or download the apk app through APK Mirror (a third party service).

The new security feature is now available from version 2.16.10

After you install version 2.16.10 or higher, the message below will appear as soon as you send any message from one of your contacts, either in individual or group conversations:

whatsapp encryption message
Automatic update and encrypts data from your conversations / ANDROIDPIT

Message encryption is automatic and happens during the time the phone is switched on. The feature is available for phones running Android, iOS and also for those using WhatsApp on their PC through the WhatsApp Web tool.

WhatsApp still knows who you are talking to in confidence

Although not even WhatsApp engineers and employees are able to access content that approximately one billion active users exchange daily (42 billion messages per day), as security engineer Micah Lee points out, I need to keep in mind that the platform does not guarantee confidentiality about who you are talking to on WhatsApp.

The platform does not guarantee confidentiality about who you are talking to on WhatsApp

By accessing the official WhatsApp legal information page, in the "Privacy" section we find the following information:

"Despite what is written above, WhatsApp may store information about the date and time associated with successfully delivered messages and the numbers of the mobile phones to which the messages were sent, as well as any other information that WhatsApp is legally thank you to collect. "

Thus, the service still leaves open questions such as the access of justice to the conversational data of users, even though they may claim not to have the technical conditions to fulfill the request, since the cryptographic keys are not in their possession, but on the smartphones of WhatsApp users. .

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And, do you still have any questions about WhatsApp's new end-to-end encryption feature? What did you think about this complete integration of security in messaging?

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