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Everything they didn't tell you about website hosting

It is always very satisfying to give voice to blog readers, especially when the reader has as much to add as Nilton do LinuxPRO channel Who has prepared a series of tutorials with various tips on the segment that he is most aware of, servers and hosting of websites and pages, I'm sure you will enjoy, check it out. Website hosting


1 Introduction 2 Protocols TCP, HTTP, FTP, Web Servers 3 Linux helped Hosting grow 4 And then came Apache 5 Soon the CGI Module 6 So PHP and the PHP module for Apache 7 VPS, Cloud and other languages ​​like Python, Perl, Ruby and Go

1 Introduction

All the sites you are accessing at this time and even this article is being hosted on an Internet Server, even the Facebook, Youtube, Google sites, but they are not hosted by any random server, but are hosted on own structure of these companies.

In these articles we will learn more about how a web hosting simply works and the technologies behind a hosting.

Website hosting today is very important for any company that wants to have an institutional website or an internet store, but any physical person can have an internet site.

Over the next few articles I will talk more about how you can create a website without spending anything, using 100% free and top quality services.

Even if you have a business and you don't have a website yet, you can set up a website simply by spending a maximum of $ 30 a year, setting up a simple and beautiful institutional page, just using HTML and CSS, you can do it yourself. , with the tips that I will give in the next articles.

Wikipedia Hosting Definition:

Website Hosting is a service that enables people or companies with online systems to store information, images, video, or any web-accessible content. Website Hosting Providers are typically companies that provide space on their servers and internet connection to this data. to your customers.

Maybe it was not so clear so I will explain more simply, most hosts are running on a Linux server and HTTP software installed on that system, in most cases this software is called Apache2 which is the most famous web server. in this regard, Web Hosting.

Anyone who has already installed a Linux distro like Ubuntu can install a Web Server on a Virtual machine, just install the package (apache2), which is in the Ubuntu program center.

There really is no secret, but you should have some concerns when installing a Web Server, however, this subject does not fit this article for now, who knows in another article or a video on Youtube.

If you feel like installing a Web Server on your machine, take it easy, I'll give you a hint, if you use Linux, run these commands on a terminal: