Everything possible: Jelly Bean runs on the first Android smartphone

Do you remember the T-Mobile G1? Also known as HTC Dream, this was the first smartphone to run the Android operating system. After the release of the new Android 4.1 release, a lot has been said about Android fragmentation and its updates, right? The fact that we have a video that shows that everything is possible in the Android universe when you are a root user, below you check out the video where the first Android device runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. It seems unbelievable … but no!

Link to video of the first Android smartphone running Jelly Bean

Of course the device has its limitations, as stated in the video, not fast, not stable, but certainly possible. HTC Dream is running the CyanogenMod 10 ROM and has the following specifications:


  • Touch screen
  • Wifi
  • Apps
  • CM Resources
  • Google Now (partial)

Does not work:

In fact, if we consider that in the video we have a chance to see the older running with the younger a total paradox, but a warning to OEMs: Work, develop possibilities! Of course we should take into account the stability of Android OS on mobile devices, but that gives a taste of victory over manufacturers like HTC who have condemned my HTC Desire HD to Gingerbread for all eternity, ah, that gives!

Here is a special thanks to the folks at CyanogenMod, Shelnutt and XDA Developers.

Source: Phandroid

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