everything indicates that the American iPhone SE is not compatible with 4G in Brazil!

iPhone SE is now available for purchase in Brazil

If you liked the iPhone SE and plans to buy one abroad, always keep an eye on the model.

As we can see on this page, there will be three iPhone SE models marketed by Apple: A1662, A1723 and A1724.

Here in Brazil, the 4G band most used at 7 (2600MHz).

Analyzing the three models of the device, the first (A1662, American) does not support this band.

Interestingly, it is marketed in the USA by major operators (AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon).

So, be very careful not to enter an Apple Retail Store and leave with an iPhone without 4G support here in Brazil.

And there’s no point in buying the unlocked model (SIM-free), as it is also the A1662.

SE iPhones in all colors side by side

Analyzing the other two (A1723 and A1724), we see that both have band 7 support.

However, as the model A1724 is listed only in China, everything indicates that we are talking about an exclusive device in the Chinese market.

By exclusion, it is quite possible that the model approved by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) will be the A1723, marketed in the USA by Sprint.

Typically, these devices are sold blocked and give a lot of headache to Brazilians.

We here at we never recommend anyone to buy Sprint devices in the USA for that very reason.

What to do, then?

Well, it seems that we went back to the scenario of the iPhone 5s, when Brazilian 4G compatible devices were sold in Europe and Asia. ? We are not owners of the truth, but with the data we have in hand, this is the interpretation we have of the current scenario.

It never hurts to speak again: most likely the iPhone SE that will be homologated by Anatel is the model A1723 and, if you intend to acquire this iPhone abroad, you will have to buy it in European and / or Asian countries the complete list of countries can be seen on this page.

This is very important information for anyone planning to purchase an iPhone SE outside of Brazil.

So, share! ?

(tip from Henry Cunha)