Evernote fixes security hole in macOS; Xcode, Procreate, Halide and Specter are updated

Evernote fixes security hole in macOS; Xcode, Procreate, Halide and Specter are updated

One more day, another batch of important application updates on the App store! Let's take a look at them below.


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Evernote for macOS has received an update, say, forced to fix a relatively serious security issue discovered by a researcher and revealed by TechCrunch.

According to researcher Dhiraj Mishra's discovery, Evernote was susceptible to an attack in which a malicious link displayed in the application could execute commands on macOS when clicked. The short video below gives an example where a URL clicked by the app opens System Calculator:

The Evernote development team has confirmed that the breach has already been fixed, and the application now warns users every time a link opens a file on their computers. Better not?


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in Apple

Mac compatible

Version 11.3 (7.8 GB) Requires macOS 10.14.4 or superior

Ma's app development tool, in turn, received a more discreet update after a major update that supported version 5.0 of the Swift programming language.

Xcode 10.12.1 fixes a problem in compiling time for very large Swift projects, plus other minor enhancements and bug fixes.

Chroma Noir

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Speaking of Swift 5 and downsizing apps, developer Chrome Noir did just that with two of its most popular creations: camera apps Halide and Specter.

We started running Swift 5 in both apps. The fact that we no longer need to include the standard libraries cut about 8MB from each one.

Developer Ben Sandofsky announced on Twitter the news, revealing that both apps have already been updated to run with Swift 5. The benefits are visible: in both cases, the apps were cut in half, Halide now weighs 20.2MB. , while Specter occupies 15.1MB on your device.

Halide specifically has gained another good news: support for Siri Shortcuts. Users can now configure commands for the wizard to open the application in selfie or on the review screen directly.


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From programming to design: Savage recently updated the Procreateis one of the most popular illustration apps for the iPad with the platform's first text tools.

With the new features, you can easily add whole words, phrases or even paragraphs to your creations by adding and adjusting fonts, editing characters and adjusting aspects such as spacing and alignment.

Procreate version 4.3 brings other new features, such as a layer sharing tool (in PDF, PNG or GIF), quick single-layer preview, new blending modes and more enhancements.

Office for Mac

At the beginning of the week, the Microsoft updated the sute Office cones for iOS. Now apps for macOS have also been slapped in iconography:

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It got better, do you agree?