Ever wanted to have an iMac with a multitouch screen? Then meet Zorro Macsk

Following the wave of mobile devices, many manufacturers are now also developing their touch-screen computers.

However, many machines, like iMacs, still don't recognize touches.

If you've always wanted to be able to interact with a famous Apple desktop directly with your fingers, in an even more immersive experience, Zorro Macsk what you were looking for.

Using infrared sensors, the cover recognizes unique touches and multitouch gestures.

Zorro Macsk

Docking your Apple all-in-one computer using your hands and a USB cable, it's easy to install the accessory.

O 9to5Mac, who tested the product, says the installation takes less than 30 seconds.

For not using a screen with capacitive technology, present in iPhones and iPads, your touches will not be as accurate on the iMac as they are on iGadgets.

This way, it will be a little difficult to hit smaller elements of the interface, such as the minimize windows button.

Check out the cover presentation video:

In various colors, Zorro Macsk costs $ 200 on Amazon and can be installed on 21.5-inch iMacs.

(via BGR)